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Axé, Salvador!.jpg

Axé, Salvador!

Director Domenico Rodolfo Grillone
Runtime  53:58
Completion Date: December 28, 2022

"Axè, Salvador!" nasce dalla passione dell'autore per il Brasile ed in particolare per la città di Salvador De Bahia

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Our Brothers' and Sisters' Keepers.jpg

Our Brothers' and Sisters' Keepers

Director  Maximilien Saint-cast  
Runtime 42:00
Completion Date: Feb-2023

The documentary "Our Brothers' & Sisters' keepers" aims to give a voice to the volunteers at Tesco's humanitarian aid center in Przemysl (a Polish town on the Ukrainian border), who each in their own way help refugees from the Russian-Ukrainian war. At the heart of the conflict, these men and women have chosen to commit themselves to protecting these civilians.

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Director  Gisela GorbalÁn
Runtime 75:00
Completion Date: Oct-2023

Jasmín pasa del sufrimiento e impotencia por los abusos a los que fue sometida a tejer con sus compañerxs redes para luchar y encontrar justicia.

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Fine Line.png

Fine Line

Director Anna Barsukova
Russian Federation
Runtime 49:05
Completion Date: 28.01.2023

The prosperous village of Sinegorye fell into decline after the collapse of the USSR. However, 22 years later, desperate locals are once again gaining hope for a bright future and the revival of the village.

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Jigeen Ni.jpg

Jigeen Ni

Director  Adrien Cotonat
Runtime  75:00
Completion Date: Mar-2023

"These women" is the Wolof word for "Jigeen Ni". This is the name that five young Senegalese women have chosen to give to their 100% female orchestra. They say that they draw a deep joy, a vital energy, a freedom of being that they want to communicate. And despite the difficulties they have to overcome to make this artistic practice part of their daily lives, despite the prejudices they face, they say they are not ready to give up!

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The country of forgotten dreams.jpg

The country of forgotten dreams

Director Jose Morales Ferulli
Runtime  80:43
Completion Date:

Ader breathes in an eternal sigh, the migration policies affected him and after 25 years living in the US, is forced to exile back to his homeland, where nobody remembers him. Alone he skates the chaotic streets of Guatemala while his heart dreams to surf a blue wave from his beloved California.


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Sanar la Tierra.jpg

Sanar la Tierra

Director Lilian Paola Ovalle
Runtime  13:47
Completion Date:

In this experimental short, the memory of seven places located in Mexico, which have been marked by the pain of the massacre, is articulated. It offers a look at the traumatic traces that these massacres leave in the territories and communities. It invites peace and hope by recognizing that just as the land heals, the survivors recover and take care of life.


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Sages et rebelles.jpg

Sages et rebelles

Director Claudie Simard
Runtime  52:12
Completion Date:

While the practice of midwifery was legalized more than 20 years ago, and demand for its services is growing, access to midwives remains limited in Quebec. Motivated by her own experience of a traumatic childbirth, Director Claudie Simard takes us along in her discovery of this underrepresented health profession. By following midwives in their daily lives, Resilience in Midwifery highlights their working conditions and expertise and reveals popular misconceptions about their profession. Finally, Resilience in Midwifery culminates in a wider reflection on childbirth conditions..

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Runtime  52:12
Completion Date:

"How can we not think that life ends with death?", the narrator asks himself at the end of the documentary. Monte Horquera is a double plane loop, dreamlike and real, in which the viewer is immersed and in which the past and the present inevitably intermingle. 200 years of the life of a village, Nueva Carteya, in Cordova (Andalusia), whose origins lie in the seven hills of Monte Horquera and the first inhabitants who populated. Made partly with archive materials, Monte Horquera highlights images and memories of the old Carteya, through its own original language.

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Runtime  70:36
Completion Date: 01/09/2022

A group of young people from care meet in a creativity workshop where they share experiences, fears, doubts and, without a doubt. There they find a meaning to their past experiences. "Happy Unbirthday" is a documentary of change based exclusively on the experiences of the protagonists, former wards, with the aim of making their voices heard.

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Director  Andreas Knuffmann
Runtime  68:00
Completion Date: 2023 - July

The Western Cape region in South Africa, a diverse and spectacular area on Earth, is the subject of the documentary film " Western Cape – Africa´s garden eden". This province stretches over 400 km north and 500 km east along the coasts of both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and is just over one-tenth the size of South Africa. The region has a unique flora and fauna, with over 500 plant species of different colors and shapes that exist only around Table Mountain.

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Cactus, Love, MountainsA Psychedelic Journey with Huachuma.jpg

Cactus, Love, Mountains: A Psychedelic Journey with Huachuma

Director kai (kaitz) ilya brebner
Runtime 14:56
Completion Date: June 1, 2023

San Pedro - the cactus that taught me how to love: A successful entertainment journalist meets a shaman, a family with a 16 year old girl and other people around the world. Together they climb up the Andes mountains for a psychedelic journey. They hope to heal the wounds of the fast and meet their inner self. Will a cactus be able to change their life?

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Director Dina Khan
Runtime  50:00
Completion Date: 2021 - January

For 18 years, I haven't heard from my mother; she lives in Ukraine, I live in Russia, 2000 kilometres stand between us. All this time, I try to face her absence by drawing, dreaming and taking stills. Upon our reunion, I seek to heal our broken bond by drawing, dreaming and taking stills. Together, with her.

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A World of Difference.jpg

A World of Difference

Directors Robin Newell, Simon Smithers
Runtime 01:42:52
Completion Date: December 1, 2022

A film that takes place in the Australian Outback. Follow the journey of Sam Pollard as he cycles 4000km from Sydney, New South Wales, to Busselton, Western Australia. He crosses the Nullarbor Plains and goes on to compete in the Busselton Triathlon IronMan Championship.

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The Adventures at Comic-Con.jpg

The Adventures at Comic-Con

Director Jason Brown
United States
Runtime 03:13:00
Completion Date: September 21, 2023

"The Adventures at Comic-Con" is an experimental art documentary inspired by the Disney animated classic "Fantasia". It chronicles the adventures of experiencing the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con for the first time through musical soundscapes, while honoring the legacy of pop-culture and its pioneers.
Ultimately, this film is a musical love letter to art, its visual components in storytelling, and a celebration of Comic-Con, pop culture and its pioneers.

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Ministry of Surf1.jpg

Ministry of Surf

Director  Collins Reagan
United States
Runtime  8:24
Completion Date: May 1, 2023

An intimate look inside the healing power of water & surfing on autistic children and the surfers who offer "one perfect day" to kids worldwide for free. Featuring Izzy Paskowitz.

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Pussy Boys.jpg

Pussy Boys

Directors Darya Andreyanava, Mikalai Kuprych
Runtime   01:34:00
Completion Date: June 27, 2023

Gays from Belarus are trying to live in a country where their existence is denied. The main characters create their own parallel reality filled with alcohol and parties in an escape from loneliness and in search of love.

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Director  Andreas Morell
Runtime   45:00
Completion Date: May 13, 2023

Dance from Israel means: presence, modernity, emotion, beauty, but also aggressiveness – and increasingly politics. In the best sense, dance is a mirror of society.
Dance, that comes from a country as politically and societally torn apart like Israel, is exciting, challenging and even complex. The film explores this versatility: Companies and choreographers speak about their experiences and rehearsals and dance performances are visible.

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A World of 3 Zeros. 1.jpg

A World of 3 Zeros.

Directors Aine Clarke, Michel Van der Veken
Runtime   01:46:00
Completion Date: May 12, 2023

Poverty, unemployment, and carbon emissions are global problems. The documentary A World of 3 Zeros explores the ability of social entrepreneurship to address these problems and bring them to zero.
Michel and I founded our production company in 1991. For the following 25 years we were totally focused on making ourselves financially secure while ensuring that our children had everything they needed. Then Michel said:

“Áine, basically all the work we do is helping the already very wealthy become wealthier, shouldn’t we be trying to be useful to people in need”?

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Directors Qidi An, Zi Mu
Runtime   29:54
Completion Date: July 16, 2023

Tsuur, a nearly lost instrument from Han Dynasty, has been preserved in the Altai Mountains, while Boke, a young Mongolian boy from Wulianghai, was learning to make and play it under the influence of his uncle, Dambul. In the meantime, as the old man Qorumbat, the Inheritor of National Intangible Cultural Heritage, had returned to the pasture in winter, Dambul wanted to entrust his nephew Boke to Qorumbat for a systematic education of Tsuur.

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Director  Diana Taylor
United Kingdom
Runtime 60:00
Completion Date:April 10, 2023

The 60 minute documentary explores the personal and political dramas which followed the arrival of the disreputable writer D.H.Lawrence and his German wife Frieda von Richthofen in the ancient village of Zennor during the First World War. The wild landscape and remote cottages around Zennor became host to scores of infamous artists, poets, eccentrics and occultists who lived, loved and wreaked havoc in this mystical place. Throughout the 20th century sublime art was created amid a backdrop of witchcraft, scandalous sexual intrigue, black magic rituals and Nazi spy rings.
Not for the faint-hearted

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The Wind on Mount Everest.jpg

The Wind on Mount Everest

Director  Qing Su
Runtime 01:46:00
Completion Date:May 3, 2022

This inspiring story is about when a woman who not only conquers Mount Everest but also overcomes the challenges of life and returns to her mountainous hometown after conquering Mt. Everest. Therefore, she has to confront heavy work, her mother's harsh criticism, and her father's avoidance. How will she face and deal with these obstacles and find inner peace? This is a story of a female who is growing up and exploring herself in mountaineering, dreams, and family.

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Nobody Told Me.jpg

Nobody Told Me

Director  Sean O'Sullivan
South Africa
Runtime 30:00
Completion Date:May 3, 2022

Nobody Told Me’ is a short twenty-seven minute documentary that tells the story of Dr Halina Rotstein, a dedicated doctor, who graduated from the University of Warsaw’s Medical Faculty in 1930, left medicine for a few years to bring up four children after marrying a wealthy Polish-Jewish industrialist, before being drawn back into medicine by the urgency of the Second World War.

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My Radio My Life.jpg

My Radio My Life

Directors Bidit Roy, Makarand Waikar
Runtime 01:08:00
Completion Date:June 30, 2023

Set in the 21st century, the film revisits the golden era of radio in India, when it was the dominant, popular, and only source of entertainment, news, and knowledge.

Being a medium that is heard across national borders, the radio has been instrumental in expanding horizons and enriching the lives of generations. Besides giving companionship to individuals, the radio brought families together and inspired people to make life choices.

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Complete Portrait Wanted of Markéta Ledererová.jpg

Complete Portrait Wanted of Markéta Ledererová

Director Joshua Richard van ’t Hoff
Runtime 50:00
Completion Date:March 1, 2023

A family quest through the unknown history of a Czechoslovak-Jewish refugee.
In 1939, Markéta Ledererová (1915-1987) escaped the expanding Nazism in Czechoslovakia by fleeing to the Netherlands, where she started a new life; she would meet her future husband here with whom she would start a family. However, throughout her life she had not told anyone in her family about her past in Czechoslovakia and how she was able to escape, which led a daughter and two granddaughters to start an investigation a few years ago to find answers.

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Half Steel.jpg

Half Steel

Director Javid Samadov
Runtime 2:14
Completion Date: May 14, 2023

When Polad was a young child, his father did not return from the war. His father's decision to save civilians instead of returning home to his young Polad shattered Polad's childhood. Thus, the child Polad died, and a soldier was born within him.

For several years, Polad studied military tactics to win the war that his father could not. In the final battle, Polad lost both of his feet, but it was only then that he realized he had regained his lost freedom. Paying the price of his health and both feet, the soldier Polad died, and the free Polad was born.

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The hidden sound of tango.jpg

The hidden sound of tango

Director Yael SZMULEWICZ
Runtime   10:52
Completion Date: April 20, 2023

After obtaining an old Boca de Estrella guitar like the one played by tango icon Carlos Gardel, tango musician/guitar collector Patricio Crom sets out to restore the instrument and discover its true sound—and then use it in a concert featuring some of today’s best Argentine tango guitarists. Along the way, Crom explores the different techniques of guitar playing, the challenges of guitar building and restoration, and the enduring passion for Carlos Gardel.

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