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Shadow steps.png

Shadow steps

Directors Alondra De la Rocha Cajun, Valeria Rivero Mondragón
Runtime 3:46
Completion Date: November 14, 2023

A girl finds herself plunged into a psychotic state while exploring a picturesque town.

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Could Be Anyone.jpg

Could Be Anyone

Director  Qianhui Feng
Runtime 7:15
Completion Date: August 9, 2023

A man plans to marry a bird. But when he brings the bird home, his parents strongly oppose him.
An urban young man, Hue, takes a little bird home and admits to his parents that he has fallen in love with the bird. However, his parents are strongly opposed to him. His mother, Qin, wants him to be together with his neighbor, Tingting, and his father even brings a dog home to kill the bird. The seemingly harmonious family is actually full of issues.

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Gentle Breeze.jpg

Gentle Breeze

Director Wenwei Hu
Runtime 4:07
Completion Date: November 1, 2023

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Director Alyn Darnay
United States
Runtime 20:00
Completion Date: March 18, 2016

In 1942 Auschwitz, a deadly game is being played out by a by a young SS Officer and his once beloved teacher, a Jew who now finds that her most prized pupil has become her tormentor. Will his plan to immunize himself succeed or will his humanity betray him?

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Director  SebastiÁn Salazar Claro
Runtime  7:00
Completion Date: Mar-2023

Alma (14) is in charge of her brother's, León (8), care in her loneliness. An unfortunate accident will leave her true reality exposed.

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order my steps.jpg

order my steps

Director Augusta Palmer
United States
Runtime  18:00
Completion Date: Jan-2023

When Peg meets her daughter, Dorian, online under the auspices of a prison unification program, we sense how gravely their relationship has deteriorated. Dorian will not even allow her mother to see her, resorting to written chats to communicate. Both parties bring terrifying vulnerability to this moment. Peg must face up to the damage she has inflicted on her daughter. Yes, there is blame to pass around for how Peg's mothering faltered: poverty, inadequate social services, and sentencing overkill. However, to find some way forward with her daughter, Peg must reckon with her complicity with these insults. On the other hand, Dorian must keep a stronghold on her expectations and protect herself from the volatile woman who claims to be her mother.
These are the people, and this is the battleground we have chosen to depict in ORDER MY STEPS.

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Runtime  19:00
Completion Date: 2023 - May

A mature gay man who lives with his dominant mother and a cheeky tenant with financial problems frequently goes to church to have sex with a promiscuous priest. The mother tired of putting up with the tenant decides to rent his room. A Russian woman sympathetic to the Soviet era immediately applies for the room and sparks a real revolution among the inhabitants of the house.

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Director Debra Markowitz
United States
Runtime 13:42
Completion Date: March 12, 2017

A heroin addict awakens from a suicide attempt and learns that he is the sole descendant of Jesus Christ. The problem, he doesn't want the gig.

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Ummi- Mother.jpg

Ummi- Mother

Director Paolo Calì
Runtime 20:00
Completion Date: January 14, 2023

A Palestinian mother discovers her young son is about to carry out a suicide bombing. Will she stop him?

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Panic Attack.jpg

Panic Attack

Director Anthony Assad
Runtime 13:43
Completion Date: January 12, 2023

Alex is in the throes of his transition from female to male so when his best friend abandons a joint venture to assert their burgeoning identities he’s forced to confront his anxieties before entering the unknown alone.

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Hot and Cold.jpg

Hot and Cold

Director Fletcher Grahame Isau Glover
Runtime 1:39
Completion Date: August 10, 2023

When slacker Fletcher Glover decides he's uncomfortable in the heat he must choose whether it's better to be too hot or too cold thanks to an industrial fan facing his favorite hangout spot.

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McJAFFGolf’s Unknown Major.jpg

McJAFF: Golf’s Unknown Major

Directors Clark Harris, Brett Jaffee Jr.
United States
Runtime 28:22
Completion Date: August 10, 2023

A short documentary about a 4 day golf tournament started 32 years ago and attended by 80 people from around the country. It’s about love between friends and much, much more than golf.

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Director  Isabella Secchin
Runtime 19:35
Completion Date: May 29, 2023

Natal, in his early fifties belongs to a generation that broke social barriers, worshiped cerebral movies, drugs and rock’n roll. However, he does not accept it well when Milene, his only daughter, takes her boyfriend to sleep at home with her. In the middle of the night, unable to put a stop to the sex in the next-door bedroom, he locks himself in his car parked in his building garage. That’s when Silvana, his wife, comes after him. In the quietness of the late night, only witnessed by the parked cars and the garage surveillance cams, Natal tries to unburden his difficulty to accept costumes for which he fought so much.

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Director  Nursultan Kosherbayev
Runtime 9:59
Completion Date: March 25, 2023

Office worker Nurlan decides to take part in an underground poker tournament to help his sister, who is threatened by debt collectors.

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Director  Maja Costa
Runtime 15:38
Completion Date: March 25, 2023

Little Alya and her father are crossing the Mediterranean Sea on a boat that takes them from Africa to Europe in search of a safe place to call home. Tragically, the boat sinks. Thanks to Mångata—“the road to the moon”—the rescuers spot little Alya, the sole survivor. Many years later, we find her again as an astronaut on an important lunar mission. In the middle of the mission, a technical communication problem isolates Alya from the base. This is when she has an encounter that teaches her how Mångata, which already saved her life once, will now help her overcome her past trauma.

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Pickled Herring.jpg

Pickled Herring

Director Milana Vayntrub
United States
Runtime  17:27
Completion Date:

After getting in an embarrassing accident, Irina must rely on her old world father’s care, but he uses the opportunity to pester her about everything include starting a new family, even though she’s barely surviving the one she was born into.

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Camille & Larry.jpg

Camille & Larry

Director Élie Parienté-Gardez
Runtime  19:31
Completion Date: June 1, 2022

Camille and Larry, two 18-year-old lifelong friends, see each other one last time the day before they leave for college in two different places. While their relationship is seemingly tinged with recklessness and humour, Larry ends up sharing a personal drama that questions their friendship and brings to light their concerns about the future.

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Stillness of Labor.jpg

Stillness of Labor

Director Chris Larson
United States
Runtime  8:55
Completion Date: January 20, 2023

In the film Stillness of Labor, Chris Larson replicates 12 full-scale rooms using objects extracted from an abandoned garment factory in Tennessee to mirror the environment of the laborers. When labor was outsourced in 1998, the rural community was left without work in a town centered around industry. Larson recreates the architecture of the factory as a study of the anthropogenic imprint humans leave behind in spaces of heavy repetition.

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Bitter Brownies.jpg

Bitter Brownies

Director James Carman
United States
Runtime  12:15
Completion Date:

In this dark comedy, a devious thief pilfers lunches from the company refrigerator. Staff employees are out for blood. Where will the food bandit strike next?!!!

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Bnei Sakhnin F.C..jpg

Bnei Sakhnin F.C.

Director Jesse Mechanic
United States
Runtime  20:00
Completion Date: May 13, 2022

Bnei Sakhnin is the top predominantly Arab soccer team in the Israeli Premier League. This documentary portrays the team as a model for coexistence between Arabs and Jews in a country where they historically haven't gotten along.

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Dreams Come True Episode 1.jpg

"Dreams Come True", "Ginji" series, Episode 1

Director  Slava Ushakov
Runtime 24:00
Completion Date:November 25, 2021

Ginji's dream takes flight when she joins Cade Express, the bustling heart of Cade City's economy, as a courier. What starts as a routine job quickly spirals into a series of thrilling escapades, with new friends like the adventurous Varona and her ever-reliable sidekick, UB-7, her trusty backpack. UB-7 is more than just her delivery companion; he's her loyal protector, ready to aid her through any obstacle.

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Walking With God.jpg

Walking With God

Director  Lois M Banks
United States
Runtime 01:00:00
Completion Date:April 6, 2020

Lois Banks share her story of how God manifest miracles in her life!

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Bodily Signs.jpg

Bodily Signs

Director  Gunilla Leander
Runtime 10:05
Completion Date:September 6, 2022

Bodily Signs is a Silent short film that focuses on our body language during an urgent work meeting. It is also a salute to Leonard da Vinci and his painting "The Last Supper".
How would YOU react if you risked losing your job?

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The Colour of the Horse.jpg

The Colour of the Horse

Director  Kristina Schippling
Runtime 6:02
Completion Date:

The beginning of a love affair between two young adults is told poetically and sensitively, the first confiding in each other and the first approaches being made. Their inner worlds, their closeness
to each other, their fears.


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The System.jpg

The System

United States
Runtime 19:45
Completion Date:June 30, 2023

Mr. Jordan, played by Terence Knox, and his wife spent their life on the farm. Just three months after she dies, he's told he is cancer free and sent home with new medications. But Bokamoso, the African intern, questions whether parasites could be to blame for the cancer. Sadly, the doctors are stuck in The System.


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Joan of Arc.jpg

Joan of Arc

Director  Tim S Lott
United States
Runtime 4:42
Completion Date:August 24, 2022

Joan's first triumph in battle against the English has her quesioning her faith as a result of the blood shed on both sides that day.


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Director  Eric A. Eisenstein
United States
Runtime 10:00
Completion Date:October 2, 2022

A man who has stayed sober for a year struggles to maintain his sobriety despite a life changing event and very strange challenges

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Director Joe Furey
United Kingdom
Runtime  13:02
Completion Date: December 30, 2022

A journey to the interior.

Belle is processing the toxic relationship she is in, coming to terms with the need for it to end. The closer she gets to closure, the more the world around Belle starts to break down, in both a literal and abstract sense. Will she be able to come out the other side?

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Director Keshhav Panneriy
Runtime   39:39
Completion Date: March 30, 2023

A light-hearted love story with a twist of gender non-discrimination.
CATFIGHT is depiction of true Love and Hate relationship between two friends SONIYA and VEDICA since their childhood, they do not know how to express their feeling about their sexual orientation and emotions for each other.
The social stigma that surrounds LGBT individuals, restricts them to express their sentiments, love, affection and belongingness.

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Director Armin Alic
United States
Runtime   15:01
Completion Date: June 12, 2022

Shane Lucas, an ex-Yakuza member and 4th degree black belt in Judo, is hunted down at his local dojo in Los Angeles 1985 by his long-time rival, Elias Da Rosa and his crew members from the same crime family. Shane is threatened to come back to the Yakuza or would suffer the consequence of not.

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Directors Wolfgang Karl Bergmann, Vera Yakovenko
Runtime   10:52
Completion Date: February 15, 2023

Russia's attempt to eradicate the Ukrainian nation has many facets in which sexual violence plays a major role. Talking about these hidden crimes is difficult for those affected and making a film about them too.

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