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Welcome to reality or death in the aquarium.png

Welcome to reality or death in the aquarium

Director Siegfried Buschau
Runtime 01:17:11
Completion Date: May 1, 2023

Two men and three women together form a small practice group for a psychotherapist training.
They have health, psychosocial professional profiles with very different life stories and life situations.

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Director Istvan Poór
Runtime 01:30:00
Completion Date: December 1, 2022

Three people are living together after Jesus ‘ death. Maria Magdalena , Mary and John. They decide to help John to write down what happened to Jesus because they have been eyewitnesses This film is not the usual life story of the Lord but it reveals his personality and teaching.

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Director Takashi Yuki
Runtime 01:57:40
Completion Date: March 8, 2023

Eiji Kamiyama is an aging Japanese boxer who left his wife and daughter behind to make a comeback in the Philippines. He struggles to make it, and is unable to find his way back into the ring for professional fights. The years pass and he remains alone, idle as a boxer and detached from his family.
One day, his daughter Momoko suddenly appears at the gym where Eiji trains. She brings with her the news that her mother, his wife, has passed.

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To the rhythm of your footprints.jpg

To the rhythm of your footprints

Director  Helena MillÁn Fajo
Runtime  58:00
Completion Date: Apr-2021

To the rhythm of your footprints, is a flamenco documentary, an audiovisual journey through sing and words through the artistic life of Manuel Tejuela, a singer and poet of Leonese origin who settled his last years of life in our city, Zaragoza.
From the interviews carried out in life we ​​extract a starting point that encourages us to continue a journey to reach its origins... words, flamenco, memories and his family accompany us on this journey back to his roots...

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Insight / ПроЗрение

Director  Viktoriya  Fomina
Runtime  61:00
Completion Date: Sep-2023

"И сказал Иисус: на суд пришел Я в мир сей, чтобы невидящие видели, а
видящие стали слепы" [Ин: 9: 39]  Фильм о слепцах и прозорливцах, о
войне и Церкви на Украине. Посвящается памяти священников Украинской
Православной Церкви, молящихся о России. По мотивам проповедей
архимандрита Рафаила (Бараника) (1966-2016). Съемки велись на
территории Украины и России с 2016 - 2020 гг: в Днепродзержинске,
Луганске, ДНР, Белеве, Сергееве-Посаде...   АНО "Студия "Другое Небо"
при поддержке ПФКИ, 2023 год.

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Love, Deception, Reforma (LDR).jpg

Love, Deception, Reforma (LDR)

Director Ana Caché Torres
Runtime 01:30:00
Completion Date: June 1, 2023

A beloved actor struggles to maintain her sanity after years of exploitation.
Carlota is bringing a brand-new play to the local theater in the border town of Matamoros, México.
Will she and her husband live happily ever after? Or will she lose herself in the midst of despair, love, and ‘’Reforma”?
Did she live through it? Or was it all just a dream?

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Director Weam Namou
United States
Runtime 01:58:47
Completion Date: March 29, 2023

In the weeks before the election of Donald Trump in 2016, a young, politically liberal, Iraqi, Muslim immigrant struggles to find her footing in a neighborhood of well-to-do, politically conservative, Iraqi, Christians while battling her family’s fears of deprivation and demands of loyalty to Muslim traditions.

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Director Nikolay Bogomilov
Runtime 01:32:00
Completion Date: April 20, 2023

Somewhere in the space between reality and fairy tale. A poet left in tragic loneliness sees as if on a film, his entire past and the price he paid for his poems.

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Morpheus in the Cubicle.jpg

Morpheus in the Cubicle

Director  Shunqin Yang
Runtime 01:42:00
Completion Date:July 1, 2023

The protagonist has recently graduated with a degree in film. Now, while working in a small film as an office clerk, he reminisces about those days before his graduation, a time when he could shoot films freely. One day, a palm-reader directed him to a railway, and after he went there, he had a strange dream which he did not know if it was real. At that moment, it occurred to him that this dream can be developed into a new script. However, following that event, as he started to work on his project alongside his daily job, he could no longer distinguish reality from illusions. Everything now seems to be mixed up together and he is not sure if he has got sick or that he is just reacting normally to an insane world…

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The Founder Effect.jpg

The Founder Effect

Director Justin MacGregor
Runtime   01:53:00
Completion Date: March 4, 2023

A perfect family getaway is suddenly upended when a policeman’s grandson disappears. Jack Rooney (Rick Edwards) has already lost a son. He’s not about to lose his grandson, too. Forced to reckon with family history, he sets out to rescue the boy from the shadows… a journey of conscience rippled by the voice of a visiting missing persons expert (Greg Sestero), whose haunting tales of the vanished illuminate the mysterious phenomena that seem to be in Jack’s way. In a town called Hope, can redemption be found?

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Screenplay / Short Script

Ban the Bullet.jpg

Ban the Bullet

Writer Salvatore Riggio
United States
Number of Pages:118

A physically and psychologically abused sixteen year has access to an AR-15 assault weapon. What could go wrong?
Ban the Bullet is a story about teenagers in a typical Florida high school facing everyday conflicts with friends and family. But everything changes when an “active shooter drill” is not a drill.
Alan, a black fifteen year old, has moved to Daytona Beach, Florida. In his previous high school, his best friend was killed in a school shooting while sitting right next to him. As a result of this trauma , he has nightmares , a physical aversion to violence, and panic attacks. He wants to be “normal” again.

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Abstract Planet

Heroes, Just For One Day (Breaking Thick Ice)

Writer Salvatore Riggio
United States
Number of Pages:116

Phone ringing. The caller, Jessica Jacobs, is in one of the Twin Towers. She’s calling her lover, Kayla. Kayla also works in the Towers, but it is her day off . Kayla sleeps through Jessica's
frightening message.
Johnny Greco, a New York City firefighter, is at Disney World with his family. Suddenly, everyone is being forced to leave the Park.
The story moves from 2001 to 2014.

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Writer Stephen Glickman
Number of Pages:93

A young woman abandons her dying mother to free laboratory animals; capturing the world’s attention and forever changing the vivisection industry (based on real events)...

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Writer Leiter Daniellson
United States
Number of Pages:117

At the risk of becoming their next victim, an Israeli Cop travels to the United States to hunt down the men who murdered her younger sister in Tel Aviv.

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Abstract Surface

Lullaby For A Rainbow

Writer Mohsen Hosseini
Number of Pages:11

In a conservative Iranian refugee family living in Europe, Mahtab (daughter of this family) struggles with her identity as a lesbian. The revelation of her secret relationship with Liza, a European girl, sets off a chain of events that challenges family values and cultural norms. As tensions rise, the story explores themes of acceptance, love, and the tragic consequences of societal expectations within a family on the brink

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Night Lights


Writer Cécile Vernant
Number of Pages:29

During a National strike, an exclusive relationship between a young woman and her grandmother will be challenged on many levels..

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Rays of Light

The Scarlet Thread

Writer John Martins III
United States
Number of Pages:97

The opportunity for redemption arrives from a sojourner who offers a group of teenagers a chance for new life, and in so doing, intertwine their eternal destinies.

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Marble Surface

Memories of You

Writer Michael Holliday
United States
Number of Pages:105

After his wife's death, Dale Pace undergoes a radical procedure to be injected with her memories only to learn surprising things about her past even as he is targeted by the corrupt company his wife was investigating.

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Writer Shari Umansky
United States
Number of Pages:101

Set in 1942, Gita Weitz stands in a small interrogation room in Auschwitz. She is chilled to the bone and has not eaten for days since being pulled from a cattle car. Torn from her mother and son, she now finds herself locked in a dark room. She can make out a chair, a desk and four walls. With nothing to hold on to but her faith, she begins to pray.

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Asherah's Colors II.jpg

Asherah's Colors II

Writer Gary Mazeffa
United States
Number of Pages:25

Raphael, a high school Italian exchange student, begs for a first date with the girl of his dreams, Asherah.
This magical date takes place at his Uncle's art gallery/home
(set at the Gallery of the world-famous American Iranian artist, Hessam in Fort Lauderdale, Florida), where the young couple playfully gets to know each other. They explore the Expressionist art world and Iranian/Italian cultures.
The stage is set for a world of color where dreams become real.

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Writer Peter Noel
United Kingdom
Number of Pages:108

A mentally disabled man is left alone after his grandmother's death. His country house is taken from him, taking advantage of his simple mind. He tries to start a new life in the city while he is meeting a pianist woman who is battling cancer.

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Queen of the Jews

Writer Makayla Kirven
United States
Number of Pages:149

Taken from her homeland, Hadassah is brought into a Persian palace and vows to keep her Jewish identity secret from the king and his right hand man, whom conspires to bring total annihilation upon her people.

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Yellow Theme Background


Writer Makayla Kirven
United States
Number of Pages:42

Families blossom in the town of Hebron, all accept Sarai and Abram's, who are too old to conceive children; until one visiting stranger offers a promise they cannot ignore.

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Yrrem Samtsirhc From Mars.jpg

Yrrem Samtsirhc From Mars

Writer Naomi Lisner
Number of Pages:101

With the help a fantastical newcomer from Mars, a group of children and adults learn to embrace kindness, diversity and unity in time for Christmas.

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