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Director Anatoliy Tarabrin
Russian Federation
Runtime  19:00
Completion Date:

Sergei, screenwriter, has not received money for his work for a long time. His wife gives him a scandal, but unexpectedly a million rubles comes to Sergei for the project. The wife is happy, Sergei feels like a hero. But while his wife is planning where to spend the money, Sergei is betting a million rubles on the result of a football match.


Дядя Арли.jpg

Дядя Арли

Director Nikolay Litvinov
Runtime   5:28
Completion Date: February 25, 2019

Original screenplay of an eponymous poem by Edward Lear. A hippie lives a free life travelling...


Republic 99.jpg

Republic 99

Directors Julia Zakharova, Sofia Silkina, Adel Takkeze
Russian Federation
Runtime   01:49:15
Completion Date: March 29, 2020

Three young directors explore the past and present of local art, finding parallels in the works of historical figures and modern figures.


The Hotel.jpg

The Hotel

Director Alexandr Baluyev
Russian Federation
Runtime   01:17:05
Completion Date: March 1, 2021

Lost on the road to the sea, where the couple plans to spend their honeymoon, the newlyweds Marina and Maxim suddenly stumble upon an abandoned hotel. The Owner of the Hotel meets the couple and offers them to stay overnight. The events of one night change the lives of all heroes.


The Emigration.jpg

The Emigration

Directors Julia Lemark, Julia Trautwein
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:11:00
Completion Date:

Kostya, a university graduate with a successful career in advertising, decides to help a friend and play a drug mule for a day. He needs to visit three locations only, he’ll be well compensated, he knows everyone involved – what could go wrong? But in the middle of his “working day” Kostya opens his trunk and finds there a 7-year-old boy in pajamas who ran away from home. Kostya is at a loss: he can’t go to the police, he can’t leave the boy on the street, and he certainly can’t stop the hamster wheel of a courier’s job. Kostya and the boy will spend this day together, and no one can tell how it will end for the both of them.



Director Alexander Seliverstov
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:24:50
Completion Date: February 27, 2021

During a pandemic Nika tries to escape oppressive loneliness of isolation and heads to the village of her childhood Molody, but the quarantine left an ominous mark on this place as well.


Cardboard Pier.jpg

Cardboard Pier

Director Kirill Kotelnikov
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:31:06
Completion Date: May 30, 2020

Four Moscow journalists are going to report on Russian province. A press tour should be a two-day exotic tour. This trip promised to bring for one a lot of likes, for other the approval of the authorities. In the fact it turns around collision with reality of the Gogol type. The journalists find real dead souls in the night village. The Moscovites who had not held anything heavier than a gadget in their hands until that night, have to fight hard for their life and confront the local headman and the police officer who want to keep the secret of their village in any way.


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