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The Public Servant.jpg

The Public Servant

Writer Lyter Daniel
United States
Number of Pages:95

At the risk of becoming their next victim, a Female Israeli Cop travels to the United States to hunt down the men who murdered her younger sister in Tel Aviv.




Writer Shawn L Landrum
United States
Number of Pages:126

A good kid's thirst for power and revenge leads him to the roughest, toughest organization in the world. When his present meets the future, will his new found power and kinship be enough to save his best friend and local Hero from destroying an ungrateful city, while simultaneously throating a psychopath's nightmarish, world ending apocalypse?




Writer Pascot Sébastien
Number of Pages:18

Jules is 9 years old, he stays every Wednesday afternoon at his grandmother's house, Mima. Between snacking and playing, he spends his time snooping in the corners of his big house. He even goes so far as to drag his grandmother into the attic so that she can supervise his adventures. This Wednesday, he discovers a suitcase containing Mima's past. These are the memories left there by her grandmother from her youth. Then begins the story of the transmission between the elder and her grandson on the darkest page of our history. She will tell him who Odette was, this young girl who was 9 years old in 1942.

Leaves Shadow

Child of the Disappeared

Writer Michael Holliday
United States
Number of Pages:101

During Argentina’s infamous ‘Dirty War,’ a pregnant Maria de Quinto is dragged from her home, torn from the arms of her husband, imprisoned and brutally tortured. Separated during their detention, her husband soon becomes one of the 30,000 people who “Disappeared” under a harsh military junta.


Stage Mist

The fortieth thief

Writer Ruth Finnegan
United Kingdom
Number of Pages:71


Stripe and Spheres

The Honest Judge

Writers Jaclyn Whitt, Mina Kirolos
Number of Pages:15

The son of a court judge is found guilty of a crime, but his father is unwilling to let him be sent to prison.


Lady of the Rose--a Musical Odyssey.jpg

Lady of the Rose--a Musical Odyssey

Writer Karen Jean Wentworth Harvey-Dewey
United States
Number of Pages:76

Orphaned Boy fleeing Roman carnage asks Wizard — “WHO AM I"? Wizard, invokes his crystal ball transporting Boy, on a fantastical ‘DREAM JOURNEY’ through time—beginning with the 'Cosmic-Creation’. “Darkness” stalks and is brought to Light, as Lady of the Rose & Wizard lead Boy to his beautiful awakening.


Abstract Texture

The Voice Of The Soul

Writer Lurian Girotto Olinkevicz
Number of Pages:110

Fondness for the dance wraps a young lad, the passion is so maddening that makes him decide to move to another country, thus running away from his family traditions, along with a woman, his great love who accompanies him on his decision-making. But then, frustration knocks on his door, illicit things start happening.


Cracked Ice


Writer Raymond Reboulet
United States
Number of Pages:95

“The Hammer” follows the historical account of the Maccabean Revolt in the 2nd Century B.C., with one significant departure. Because of the time in which the story was written, women are not part of the historical account. So, female characters were introduced, including a love interest for Judah—the leader of the revolt. The relationship provides the emotional backdrop for his motives and results in a love story in its own right.


White Fabric

What the Prophets Last Say to Earth

Writer Justin Schumann
United States
Number of Pages:44

Niel Tholtep an agent of the Arab secret service sometime in the near future, in a dead end world, must find a secret or the whole world will be destroyed. He actually does NOT find the secret, but instead finds a greater truth that will change the world forever, as we know it.


Too short the peace.jpg

Too short the peace

Writer Milethia Thomas
United Kingdom
Number of Pages:12

Sandeep - a Sikh soldier who fought for England in WW1 - recalls events that took place in 1914 and the friend he made in a German soldier.




Writer Daniel Corey
United States
Number of Pages:78

After killing her dealer husband and stealing a suitcase full of heroin, violence and mayhem follow Martha Cooper as she makes a highway escape across the Salt Flats of Utah.




Writer Peter Noel
United Kingdom
Number of Pages:94

A pantomime man lives with his dog. His family died a year ago in a car accident. We get to know his family and past. In the present a black dragon appears, and follows him everywhere. He wants something from him.


Ceramic Vase

All My Friends Are Dead

Writer Shlok Shukla
Number of Pages:95


The Imbalance 2.jpg

The Imbalance 2

Writer Naomi Lisner
Number of Pages:104

Sequel to The Imbalance
The adventure continue for Sally Mayer and Celeste Bartholomew two divorced actresses taking on the film industry one dinosaur at a time!


Modern Architecture

Golem With Fries

Writer John Kestner
United States
Number of Pages:15

A fast food owner reaches back into his cultural folklore to create an anthropomorphic avenger made of hamburger to protect his business from bullying thugs.


Born Again.jpg

Born Again

Writer Daniel Schooling
United States
Number of Pages:94

Three stoners try to come to terms with the untimely death of their friend while simultaneously embarking on a quest to track down his reincarnated soul.


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