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les yeux de l'imaginaire

Director Stéphane Parientitho
Runtime   21:00
Completion Date: Oct-2021

Anna a professional photographer who was promoted to a great career, had been selected to participate in a famous photograph festival.
But her dreams were suddenly broken by an eye disease called glaucoma
Turning her brightness world into darkness.
Blind and desparate, to get through this awful situation, she was helped by Bruno her loving, devoted, husband and an association called "eyes of imagination" giving her hope and confidence to live her first passion once again.

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Director - Stéphane Parientitho

15 years ago, I made the choice to become a professional photographer. I have always been intrigued and passionate about the image.

When I look at a person's photo, I feel their mood, their sadness, their joy, their emotions. I can analyze and feel the behavior of the present moment: the image never cheats.

I specialized in close-ups. The faces, the eyes because they never lie. The photo immortalizes the moment of truth, as if by magic.

A cliché never dies. Over the years the paper can depreciate, the intensity of the photo remains intact, a memory forever.

In parallel with photography, I got very passionate about the human sciences, the cosmic universe. I like what is mystical

I really enjoy classical music. The rhythm calms me down, inspires me. Music gives me an unexplained emotion. I relate this to cosmic harmony.

I started my training as an actor in 2012, following the death of a very close person. It was like a head butt after getting hit on the head. To take my mind off things and discover the artistic universe on the other side of the lens.

From 2013 until 2018, I acted in several short films.

In 2019, I take my place behind the camera by making an amateur short film without technicians, just alone, with my little camera. titled "ILLUMINATION".

Today, I made my first official production as a professional, "THE EYES OF THE IMAGINARY"

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