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Director Pavlos Vissariou
Runtime  13:48
Completion Date: July 2, 2019

"Nostos" captures the agony and the conditions under which a group of refugees leave their homeland, trying in every way to cross the international borders, seeking security. A journey of "life and death" for those who have lost everything, one that compels them to face a reality they didn't choose.

Director - Pavlos Vissariou.jpg

Director - Pavlos Vissariou

Pavlos Vissariou - Director, Writer, Producer
Vasiliki Makri - "Refugee Woman"
Leonidas Argiropoulos - "Refugee Man"
Vaggelis Garavelos - "Refugee"
Katerina Tasiopoulou - "Refugee"
Giorgos Tsiolis - "Refugee"

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