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Two Alone.jpg

Two Alone

Director Hikari Hiyane
Runtime 19:55
Completion Date: October 18, 2021

Noriko & her daughter Chihiro are living together brightly, even though they are in poverty. Furthermore, Noriko is born with difficulty on her legs and hobbles all the time. So, she is very sensitive and tired of how her boss and co-workers evaluate her part-time job in the supermarket. One day, Noriko steals her co-worker's money accidentally and spends days as usual. And on her daughter Chihiro’s birthday, Noriko asks her “What do you want for your birthday gift?”. Chihiro answers “All I want for my birthday is you spend the money for the surgery for the recovery of your legs instead of my birthday gift”. When Noriko hears the answer, she regrets deeply and feels affection and love for her daughter much more.

un estraño en el funeral.jpg

un estraño en el funeral

Director Ana Maria  Estrada
Runtime   27:00
Completion Date: Jan-2022

The death of Roberto, father, and head of the family, took by surprise, his family made up of his wife Raquel and their three adult children, Fernando, Mariana, and Alfonso. In the wake, an unknown man that no one knew, only one of his sons, arrived, he was very moved by Roberto's death. The arrival of the stranger will change the life of this emergent family. Also, will make the viewers reflect on what could happen if a similar situation happened to them. See the unfolding story of this short film directed and written by Ana María Estrada, whose unexpected and shocking ending will leave everyone thinking.

minha dança.jpg

minha dança

Directors Marcela Varani,  Ana Paula Pinheiro
Runtime   12:00
Completion Date: Mar-2020

The short documentary “My dance” shows the beginning of a new journey in a woman's life. In her early thirties, longing for meaning and fulfillment, she discovers dance as a way to gain self-knowledge, strength, and a new career. The film follows the creative process, at first represented by subtle and shy movements inside her own room. As she gains confidence and more clarity about her feelings, the dance evolves. From her room to the stage, from the stage to real life, she presents a choreography on the rooftop of a building in the middle of São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil. The dance conducts the narrative and, metaphorically, works a way to find a new perspective, a new rhythm in life. Directed by women and with a female crew in all stages of production, My dance is a film about having the courage to investigate yourself  in search of  who you really want to be.



Director Natanael Cardona
Runtime   03:47
Completion Date: 2022-04-30

ELCUB is a representation of hell and we will all end up in it.

Shakespeare for all Ages.jpg

Shakespeare for all Ages

Director Hannes Rall
Runtime   3:00
Completion Date: Feb-2022

Shakespeare's works are timeless - this film proves it!



Directors Caroline Brami, Frédéric Bas
Runtime 16:02
Completion Date: February 1, 2021

Julia, an experienced history teacher in a rather quiet high school, faces a school inspector. He wants to talk to her. But what about, exactly? Her heated debates with the principal?
The freedom she takes with the school program? Or the way she teaches the Shoah?

Graduation Affairs.jpg

Graduation Affairs

Director 朋洋 于
Runtime 39:13
Completion Date: May 16, 2022

At the time of the pandemic,an untalented directing student is about to graduate,he wants to prove himself to his father by a movie.In other words, the film also represents the end of his student time.When he faced his most important, and perhaps final shot, he screwed up.Meanwhile, a whore went to his life.
Graduation crisis,funding issues,from actors to photographer,from teacher to students,a lot of troubles are coming,where should he go?He only knows that there is no choice for him to discard the movie.

Grey Hairs.jpg

Grey Hairs

Director Xi Li
Runtime 10:39
Completion Date: April 25, 2022

Meng Liu, a victim of school bullying, has finally left campus. But these traumatizing experiences have built a wall in her heart that prevents her from studying and working normally. What’s more, those who bullied her has – by connections – managed to get into college and secure a job in a government organization, which only added to her anxiety and feeling of inequality. Then, taking her mother’s suggestion, Meng decided to go study in the library to find a way out for her future.

Invisible Flags.jpg

Invisible Flags

Director Meitar Paz
United States
Runtime 36:30
Completion Date: February 15, 2022

“Invisible Flags “ was inspired by a wide range of alarming, heartbreaking stories and current events.
Emily Raymond, a successful relationship coach , guides her clients in their journeys to find healthy, balanced relationships , while helping them to identify the dangerous red flags in their love lives .
But, is the writing always on the wall?
The film deals with the subject of domestic violence from a very unique angle and hopes to shake, influence , and raise the viewers awareness to the invisible “red flags” that we sometimes choose not to see.




Runtime 19:57
Completion Date: April 22, 2022

Asso is a religious man in his forties, he's an extremist. He loves his wife and his daughter but has to face the dilemma of choosing between his wife and the Islamic strict and extreme rules.


El Día de los Enamorados.jpg

El Día de los Enamorados

Director  Andres Romero Gallego
Runtime 10:01
Completion Date: 2022-03-04

February 14th. Valentine's Day. A couple arrives for dinner at a restaurant, without a reservation.
She behaves in a very stupid and arrogant way towards her partner and the restaurant staff. She begins to bother all the guests present and business workers.
The couple's conversation increasingly reaches a greater degree of insults until it reaches an unbearable point.


El carlista.jpg

El carlista

Director  Mikel Navarro Ayensa
Runtime 10:42
Completion Date: 2021-11-22

Sergeant Sanz de Galdeano is a Carlist who asks to be transferred to a remote frontier post. The hardened man wishes to return home despite the risk posed by the proximity of the French liberal troops.




Runtime 4'
Completion Date: 2022 - February

A mother, two little girls, a hamster and a tablet.




Runtime 12'
Completion Date:  2021 - October

Lehel, an elderly man. On his birthday he receives a parcel containing a cell phone and a lettter from his son Benoit. Lehel is unable to use this phone. One day he feels faint, out in a street. A woman helps him. They become friends. She shows Lehel how the phone works and walks him back home Benoit does not answer his numerous calls and SMS or says that he is attending a meeting. Lehel takes to painting. He feels faint again. A doctor is called. The woman sends another urgent SMS to Benoit . Benoit runs to his bike ; when he gets at his father’s room he finds on the empty bed the portrait of himself as a child that his father had been painting.



Director Angel Puado Veloso
Runtime 9'
Completion Date: Mar-2021

Without you, all is empty


COmmedia diVIna no-Divina.jpg

COmmedia diVIna no-Divina

Directors Anna Maria Zwiefka, Joao Aboim
Runtime 8:20
Completion Date: December 31, 2020

Short film-online spectacle „COmmedia diVIna no-Divina”is based on „No-Divine Comedy” by polish writer Zygmunt Krasiński
„Divine Comedy” by Dante and „Apocalypse of St. John acompanied by italian reneissance music and polish XIX th. century compositions. Count Henry, like Dante to hell, visit the camp of the of the revolutionaries, to confronta himself with the revolution leader Pankracy. In place of Virgil and Beatrice is acompanied by 2 Apocalypse Angels.



Director Emilie Beck
Runtime 24:50
Completion Date: March 14, 2022

In public 12-year-old Martin seems like a normal smiling boy, but at home he faces uncertainty, and at times a harsh reality. With an alcoholic father, and a mother who barely manages to handle the situation, Martin is forced to do what it takes to keep the family together.
Hush is a short about loyalty, fear and about growing up way too fast.


Kindred High Road.jpg

Kindred High Road

Director Amit Lev-Ari
United States
Runtime 25:10
Completion Date: April 4, 2022

On a road trip forced by an untrusting father, a teenager and his foreign uncle discover what it’s like to survive on the American road.




Director Yuqi Ge
Runtime 25:00
Completion Date: April 10, 2022

Living in a small town in northeastern China, Wu was once head of the workshop of the town’s wool mill but lost this supposedly life-long job when the mill went bankrupt, and worked as a janitor in his nephew’s bar to make a living. With his wife gone and his son living elsewhere, Wu was gradually despised by people around him as he started drinking his days away. Moreover, the incessant financial needs of his son further aggravated his health and mental status. One day, the diagnosis of his stomach cancer pushed his life into a final countdown. After making a final purchase of the smallest spot in the cemetery, Wu transferred all the money left to his son. On his way home, Wu encountered a Yangko dance parade. As he started waving his wine bottle and dancing unreservedly with them, it appears that he was, for once in his life, truly living for himself.

Human Audit.jpg

Human Audit

Director Alan J Chriest
Runtime   20:00
Completion Date: March 30, 2022

America has become a place where people have lost trust in themselves and in their government. Corruption abounds in every corner of society. The two-party system is in gridlock while politicians say there's no more money. Actually, there is. Perhaps it is time for an audit - not only for the financial components of this great country, but for the people who inhabit it.

Mom dies Saturday.jpg

Mom dies Saturday

Director Damian Matyasik
Runtime   27:18
Completion Date: February 8, 2022

The plot takes place around the death of Charles's (main character) mother. As she dies - as the title says - on Saturday, Charles comes up with a plan to withdraw the money from her account on Monday before the death certificate is sent to the bank and his power of attorney will expire.

Ralph RushConcentration Camp Liberator.jpg

Ralph Rush: Concentration Camp Liberator

Director Daniel Bernardi
United States
Runtime  9:44
Completion Date: August 1, 2015

During WWII, Ralph Rush served as a scout in General George S. Patton's 89th Infantry Division. Rush was the first American in the first concentration camp, Ohrdruf, discovered by the Allies. Now in his 90s, Ralph told his story to documentary filmmaker and Iraq War veteran Daniel Bernardi in 2015.

Sun Tea.jpg

Sun Tea

Director Charise Sowells
United States
Runtime  7:32
Completion Date: February 23, 2022

A doctor with an unusual way of remembering his patients finds himself unable to let go of one in particular.


1982 Italy-Brazil.jpg

1982 Italy-Brazil

Directors Alessandro Della Villa, Alessandro Moscatt
Runtime  18:28
Completion Date:

982 is the year when Italy's government begins to gain the upper hand in its decade-long struggle against the Red Brigades. The year of Roberto Calvi's death, the Italian banker found hanged under London's Blackfriars Bridge. The year of the Falkland War, fought between Argentina and the United Kingdom. The year of the Sabra and Shatila massacres in the outskirts of Beirut, during the Lebanese Civil War. In the midst of all this, there is a World Cup going on in Spain and Abraham Klein must decide whether to referee what will prove to be one of the greatest matches in football history.


The Fisherman and The Fish.jpg

The Fisherman and The Fish

Directors Aleksandr Krapivkin, Olya Mikhaylova
United States
Runtime  17:47
Completion Date: October 17, 2021

Contemporary staged interpretation of renowned Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin’s iconic fairy tale led by a female theater company in Brooklyn. This is a magical story of an impoverished family surviving the tragedy of unearthed greed. Kindness. Loyalty. And unconditional love. Will they stand the temptation of granted wants and wishes?




Director Mickey Tetrov
Runtime   7:32
Completion Date: January 14, 2022

A young woman wakes up in the middle of an apocalyptic, deserted world. As she meanders through the abandoned remains, she encounters a looming presence.

Aldonza de la Mancha.jpg

Aldonza de la Mancha

Directors Arjan Gebraad, Roel Swanenberg
Runtime   7:03
Completion Date: July 12, 2021

In a forest an adventurous man and his loyal friend go on a quest. A beautiful hiker becomes part of their clan and follows them deeper and deeper into the woods. Their journey brings them to the brim of giving up when they are confronted with a barrier they cannot seem to cross. Then, bravery is found in an unsuspected place.

Aldonza de la Mancha is a short movie about knight-errands, loyal steeds and nobles ladies in a world where words are not needed, windmills are there to be conquered and where fantasy and reality are intertwined into something new.

Homo Sapiens.jpg

Homo Sapiens

Director Bar Friedman
Runtime 20:00
Completion Date: January 1, 2019

A student who has a lot of growing up to do and is unfortunately also a bit ignorant, needs to study for an exam with a fellow student of his, who just happens to be homosexual, or else risk failure. In the runup to the exam he commits just about every PC faux pas under the sun, but manages to learn a lot as well, not just for the exam. Along the way he discovers that he can be physically attracted to another man, when before he wouldn’t dare say who is better looking: a movie star or a funny looking old comedian, he stands up for a gay couple – so what if he winds up doing even more damage? And he discovers a new friend, who he finds even intriguing, and so what if he is gay?

Social Waves.jpg

Social Waves

Director Evangelia Kimpizi
Runtime 3:26
Completion Date: September 18, 2021

Social Waves presents the bond between people and the degree of influence exerted by one on the other. Social Waves, demostrates how the modern way of life, the storm of information and the creation of imaginary needs, affect human psycology. Through the movement an attempt is made to search for human thoughts, endless impasses but also the strong bond of influence between people.

Crumble Part 2.png

Crumble Part 2

Director Jasmine Deanne Deanne Andrews
United States
Runtime 13:13
Completion Date: January 9, 2022

The pressure builds up for two FBI agents, desperate to track down a vicious killer. Meanwhile new challenges grow, internal and external, pressures as a second killer emerges.



Directors Céline Ronté, Antoine Schoumsky
Runtime 18:46
Completion Date: October 31, 2021

In an empty and dark world, Alex is living a squeezed life driven by her mother’s sickness. She has never been able to fulfill her dreams but on her 40th year old birthday, her neighbor Erwan, is offering her what seems to be an escape door…

Living Now.jpg

Living Now

Director Natalia Nasinnik
Russian Federation
Runtime 8:23
Completion Date:

Nowadays, one of the citywide parks near the cancer hospital.
The focus is on the dialogue between young people: a patient and a passerby.
Is it possible to live a life in which there is no place for a disease?

The Decisive Moment.jpg

The Decisive Moment

Director Eduardo Rufeisen
United States
Runtime 20:47
Completion Date: January 2, 2020

The Decisive Moment follows the life of two young photographers living in Paris, Henri and Yvette. They meet in an art school and become fascinated with each other in very different styles.
Is the creative process a commitment to analytical reason or to passionated inspiration?

Well Respected.jpg

Well Respected

Director Tomasz Mróz
Runtime 17:15
Completion Date: January 1, 2022

A short documentary depicting the life of a lonely man living on the sidelines of civilization. His unique gift and friendly attitude help him stay happy in the difficult conditions he found himself in.

Petit Comite.jpg

Petit Comite

Director Bérangère Samuel
Runtime 9:04
Completion Date: August 4, 2021



Directors Chozy Aiyub, Malik J Ali
United States
Runtime 11:43
Completion Date: January 5, 2022

Conflict is about Mohammad Abdullah, a Palestinian prisoner who is being interrogated by Moshe Levi, an Israeli soldier. They both exchange their own point of views in a heated conversation which eventually creates an unpredictable outcome.

a LIV e.jpg

a LIV e

Directors Jim Winton Porter, Hanni Witt
Runtime 27:42
Completion Date: November 18, 2021

A young girl is suddenly left with her grandfather after they have been separated for 5 years. They attempt to develop a relationship in this strange and strained situation.

A House Divided.jpg

A House Divided

Director  Rob Goldman
United States
Runtime 9:57
Completion Date: November 18, 2021

An arsonist on the run holds a grieving family hostage while negotiating his demands with a news anchor on a live broadcast.



Director  Robert Rabanal Ramírez
Runtime 4:00
Completion Date: September 4, 2020

Maria and Noel live quietly accompanied only by loneliness. While Noel is entertaining, Maria prepares dinner like every day. On this occasion something strange will happen; An unexpected companion will change their lives forever. From that moment, loneliness will cease to exist and they will have to learn to live with it the rest of the days.



Director  Ramesh Khatkar
United Kingdom
Runtime 17:54
Completion Date: October 10, 2021

Story of a hypochondriac man who lives in the web of his fears during the pandemic.
How far can you go with this type of mental illness and destroy the peace and tranquillity of your home.



Director Asia Khmelova
United States
Runtime 10:00
Completion Date: January 5, 2021

Maya is sent to market to pick up some goods. Although she is young, she makes the journey alone, with only her persistent dog for company. At the market Maya is given a cabbage and a baby goat, and must make the return journey home, negotiating the hungry goat, barking dog, and cumbersome cabbage.

End of the line.jpg

End of the line

Director François Baldassare
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date: Jul-2022

Until today, Denis has always been an unremarkable man, bearing the vicissitudes of life without flinching.
But this ordinary guy, about 45 years old, takes a bad shortcut to escape his money problems. He gives in to the easy way out and agrees to act as a mule to smuggle cocaine from France to Luxembourg. But Denis is not really a gangster ; he lacks the necessary composure and everything he does turns into a disaster.
During a meeting with a dubious individual in an underground car park, Denis is given the details of his task. He has to collect a doll's house from a toy shop.



Director Oscar Toribio Carbayo
Runtime 29:00
Completion Date: Sep-2021  

LOST tells the story of a series of women, misplaced women, sorry for their past, dissatisfied with their present and disillusioned with their future. The protagonist is Julia, a woman who plays with old age, repentant for the many mistakes she has made years ago and who decides to commit suicide when she finds out that she has Alzheimer's. Meanwhile, Julia's daughter, Marina, lives blaming her mother for her father's death. This peculiar world is completed by characters like Candela (a woman desperately looking for someone to love her and the only thing she gets are nights full of loveless sex), Catalina (a former celluloid star who is addicted to cocaine) or a group of teenagers whose personal relationships are marked by the disinterest of parents and the media.




Director  Antje Lindner
Runtime 3:00
Completion Date: Jan-2021

The animation “Identität/identity” is a cinematic reflection on the connections between geographical location and regulatory adaptation, reality and the need to survive, solidity and changeability, and questions the characteristic of real national character. Using the colours of the German flag as an example – black red gold – it shows national identity as a moment of identity-creating adaptation.



Director Andrea Laquidara
Runtime  40:00
Completion Date: April 19, 2021

An off-screen look, in a suspended city.

Piko and Brunatny.jpg

Piko and Brunatny

Director Przemek Węgrzyn
Runtime  12:30
Completion Date: May 30, 2021

A narrow strip of territory between three countries in the middle of Europe is almost entirely occupied by highly devastating for the environment, brown coal opencast mine. Surprisingly, the place is also known for being a methamphetamine production center.



Director Thorbjörn Eklund
Runtime  6:27
Completion Date: December 26, 2021

A young girl who gets bullied, finds her inner strength and gains super powers. So she can stand up to her suppressors.



Director Lohith Jayanna
Runtime  25:51
Completion Date: December 22, 2021

Two thick friends beaten up by their own fate in life, enter a forest to head home. An event turns things upside down and what follows will lead to an end you didn’t see it coming.

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