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The Emroideresses.jpg

The Emroideresses

Director Bo Fredrik Sjökvist
Runtime   7:46
Completion Date: February 1, 2022

The Emroideresses is a short documentary / dance film about the difficult art of translating embroidery into dance. What exactly is a cross stitch and can you really walk with a thread? The film follows kompani mamsell's work to develop the performance but there ar also interviews with three emroideresses who talk about their love of the craft and and how to get a perfect stitch

arte em mim.jpg

arte em mim

Directors Marcela Varani,  Ana Paula Pinheiro,  Thiago Iacocca
Runtime   25:00
Completion Date: Apr-2022

How is it possible to manifest one’s talent, one’s art, when life becomes a
matter of survival? The short documentary follows the
journey of two Brazilian women, from different backgrounds and walks of life, as they cope with the impact of the coronavirus

La Sangre de Bolivia.jpg

La Sangre de Bolivia

Director Julia Blagny
Runtime  52:00
Completion Date: 2021-10-07

Water is the esence of all life. It drews the Earth and the history of mankind.
But it can turn into danger and even poison
The rivers of Bolivia, veins of the heart of South America, are turning black, red and even disappear

Our Triumphant Holy Day.jpg

Our Triumphant Holy Day

Director Greg Di Roma
United States
Runtime 01:36:29
Completion Date: May 28, 2021

OUR TRIUMPHANT HOLY DAY chronicles filmmaker Greg Di Roma’s journey on a pilgrimage into the Holy Land in Israel and Palestine with 28 other pilgrims in January 2020. The film explores major sites of the Holy Land and their impact on Salvation History. The pilgrims follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ and discover the human side of His story that highlight the true meanings of Love, Faith and Suffering. Along the way, the trip leads to a deep conversion in Greg’s Catholic Faith and Life that he never thought possible.


The Great Airbridge Aliyah.jpg

The Great Airbridge Aliyah

Director Bela Mayer
Runtime 01:14:51
Completion Date: April 20, 2022

The story and its background of the big Soviet Jewish aliyah in 1989-92, when about one and half million Jews left their homes, a third of them through Budapest.


du fil a la trame.jpg


Director  Julien Devaux
France, Mexico, Belgium
Runtime 86'
Completion Date: Apr-2022

"From yarn to weft"
An unexpected journey...
In space and time.
In the world of tapestry and contemporary art.
A rich and fruitful encounter between cultures…

(Meeting Kiki Smith, Jean Renoir, Sheila Hicks, Gabriel Kuri, Sanam Khatibi, Stéphane Calais, Tamayo, Matisse...
From the Gobelinos’s workshop in Guadalajara, to the Manufacture des Gobelins in Paris, via Los Angeles and Brussels.)

sprechen ist leben - vom stottern befreit.jpg

sprechen ist leben - vom stottern befreit

Director  Sonja  Schütz
Runtime 57'
Completion Date: Apr-2022

In the documentary, 11 formerly stuttering people aged 9 - 30 years tell of their daily, painful experiences around stuttering with its limitations. Stuttering affects 1% of the world's population.
They all felt powerless at the mercy of stuttering and were looking for a way out. The therapy odyssey of the affected people, which sometimes lasted for years, left its traces, destroyed hope and made a vision of the future according to one's own ideas impossible.


Heza (Strenght).jpg

Heza (Strenght)

Director Derya Deniz
Runtime  54:19
Completion Date: January 2, 2022

This documentary is about a Yazidi woman who had been enslaved during the attack of the Islamic State (ISIS) on Shengal (Sinjar) which started on 3 August 2014. It tells what she’d lived through in the hands of ISIS, how she managed to escape, and how she carried on with her life after her escape.
Heza, never in her wildest dream thought she one day will be commanding hundreds of men and women fighters in to a battle against the worlds most dangerous jihadist terror organisation (ISIS) and defeat them.
This documentary is a living testimony of Heza’s pain and suffering and her fight for justice

Searching for Fritz Kann.jpg

Searching for Fritz Kann

Director Marcel Kolvenbach
Runtime  01:39:34
Completion Date: May 25, 2021

The war has returned to Europe. It has never stopped in other parts of the world. This film describes the journey of a filmmaker and reporter who used to cover conflicts in Latin American and Africa into his very own past and the best kept family's secret: The killing of the first husband of his grandmother by the Nazis. Fritz Kann was deported in 1942 and killed somewhere between Izbica and Majdanek. The author breaks 3 generations of silence. Was Fritz Kann his Grandfather? This question drives Kolvenbach from Germany to Poland and finally to Argentina, tracing survivors and relatives.


I was not born for war.jpg

I was not born for war

Director Vladyslav Robski
Runtime  01:10:01
Completion Date: February 1, 2020

The man, who went through hell during the war, and did not lose his fortitude and faith in people. And now, in a rather unusual way, he helps people with disabilities bring back their thirst for life. Kostya Oborin, the film`s main character, prepares two disabled men, ATO veterans, for the parachute jump. They`ve still never skydived, but Kostya persuaded them for a jump as a method of rehabilitation and mind-broadening. The training is not easy, but it`s worth it.


Dimitris, Nikos... and the Uncertainty Principle.jpg

Dimitris, Nikos... and the Uncertainty Principle

Director Costas Aenian
Runtime  01:18:46
Completion Date: October 30, 2021

Review and investigation of a short story of the Greek civil war, which tells the adventure of a young child, who was forcibly abandoned in the forest, with no chance of survival, but grew up as a political refugee in Poland.
A story parallel to another child 200 years ago, in the era of the Greek revolution and the civil wars that followed it.
Through their personal destiny and behind the dots of the title, another one desperate attempt to decipher the mystery of Human Luck.


The Full Moon's Selfie.jpg

The Full Moon's Selfie

Director Natalia Girlina
Russian Federation
Runtime  01:01:26
Completion Date: March 15, 2022

"Transformation of a woman during pregnancy. Actual answers of the present. Women's tools and the process of self-identification."


Mann Documentary.jpg

Mann Documentary

Director Ross Pierson
United Kingdom
Runtime  5:46
Completion Date: February 19, 2022

This short documentary sees World War Two veteran Jack Mann tell his inspiring tale for the very first time in front of a camera.
A true story of a free-spirited Jewish boy's journey to manhood, Jack fights to make his father proud. As part of the Special Forces, he knows only too well what will happen to him if he is captured behind enemy lines.

Harran SchoolEl Battani.jpg

Harran School: El Battani

Director Sedat Benek
Runtime 60:06
Completion Date: January 20, 2022

The documentary is about the Harran School/Ecole, which was active and has an important place between the 7th and 11th centuries A.D. in terms of the History of Science in general, and El Battani, who lived between 859-929 from the Harran School in particular, on mathematics-geometry and astronomy. It tells about the effects and reflections of the important inventions and inventions that he made in that period and later on the History of Science. In addition, the documentary also deals with the effects on important scientists and thinkers in the world in the context of the scientific fields and spaces that the Harran School/Ecole nurtured and nurtured as a scientific space and at the same time as a school.



Director Dmitry Omelchenko
Russian Federation
Runtime 45:41
Completion Date: September 10, 2021

Since 2019, a team of researchers from the Center for Youth Studies at the Higher School of Economics Saint-Petersburg has been working on a very important and very versatile project called "In the Shadow of the Gulag: Production, Consumption, and Perception of Prisons in the Former Soviet Union". Its importance is evident from its title, and its versatility is perhaps unique for contemporary Russian academia, where a range of tools, both strictly academic research and popular media, come together to explore, analyze, and communicate what jointly has been found and what all of that mean.

And outside life goes on.jpg

And outside life goes on

Director Daniel Maurer
Runtime 01:21:22
Completion Date: February 20, 2021

With the Covid crisis we have realized that working in a hospital means to be confronted to life and death in a very direct way.
« Birth of a hospital » takes us to the heart of the hospital realm following Éric, Frédérique and Giuseppe.
Their fates cross ways when several Swiss regional hospitals shut down and give way to a new and modern, much bigger, rational and functional hospital.



Director Tanja Cummings
Runtime 01:36:30
Completion Date: July 31, 2020

Some of the world’s last remaining Holocaust survivors with roots all over Europe meet every week at Café Zelig in Munich, Germany. They get together to laugh and celebrate holidays, to argue and discuss various topics, but they also hold moments of silence and mourning. Some of them, and some of their children, undertake a journey into their past, back to their old Polish home country. And they talk about the difficulties they had, and still have, finding their way back to life in Germany.

The Resurrection of Jesus.jpg

The Resurrection of Jesus

Director Holger Klussmann
Runtime 44:50
Completion Date:

The Love of Jesus in Our Lives
The film describes the resurrection of Jesus in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. We will see glimpses of the lives of Therese Neumann and St. Francis and some people are talking about their personal experience with the presence of Jesus Christ.


My language is my identity.jpg

My language is my identity

Director  Süleyman Özdemir
Runtime 58:00
Completion Date: July 22, 2021

Everything started with Ali Dağdeviren’s arrival in Germany.
Turkish exiled as a political refugee, Ali knew the pain of not knowing to speak Turkish at school in his own country. As a teacher, he quickly understood the importance of the mother tongue’s learning in a child’s growth.
Thru the director’s eyes, Süleyman Özdemir, this film shows us the humanist work of a teachers’ association that achieves to open up the children’s minds to the world by means of multiple languages teaching. Germany’s the first European country to have introduced mother tongue courses in its education system.
With its universal dimension the film delivers us a message of hope in a world dealing with the mix of cultures. A world that has to reinvent itself in order live in peace and harmony with the respect of fundamental rights




Director Darko Puharić
Runtime 50:30
Completion Date: October 1, 2021

“The metallurgist did divine deeds by changing the structure of nature,
and thus he became closer to the deity than to the ordinary mortal.”
We can locate the beginnings of the Vučedol culture in the area of eastern Slavonia and Srijem. This climatically ideal area on the 45th parallel, with an annual abundance of sunshine, is located on the richest land for agriculture and livestock in southeast Europe.
Vučedol is separated from the previous cultures by a great technological leap in metallurgy. The first mass production of metals, the first saws and the world's first true bronze all came about in Vučedol settlements. Ancient Greek records and myths testify to a long tradition stemming from Vučedol.

2005 Nights and Days.jpg

2005 Nights and Days

Director  Andrzej Dudziński
Runtime 51:20
Completion Date: January 10, 2022

“2005 Nights and Days” is a documentary film telling a touching story which took place in Kashubia during World War II. Not only is it the story of a love which knew no boundaries at a time when fundamental values had collapsed. It is a film about overcoming fear and human frailty in the name of the highest value - the saving of another life.

Bringing Etty Hillesum to Life.jpg

Bringing Etty Hillesum to Life

Director Pat van Boeckel
Runtime 59:52
Completion Date: November 1, 2021

How is it that the words of this Jewish woman, murdered in Auschwitz over 75 years ago, still inspire so many people today? The documentary follows a Jewish Israeli woman (Emma Sham-Ba Ayalon) and a Palestinian woman ( Dina Awwad-Srour) who were touched by Etty Hillesum's diary, and started a peace project in Israel and the occupied territories. Using short excerpts from Etty's diary, they have developed cards that they use for peace work and inner work. Etty Hillesum's personal quest for a humane future resonates with the participants of these gatherings and help them to renew their vision of peace. When the names of all deported Jews are read in Westerbork, Emma and Dina join a retreat of the Zen Peacemakers.

mi querido juan manuel.jpg

mi querido juan manuel

Director  José Luis López
Runtime 17:00
Completion Date: Jul-2021

In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, Juan, a seventy-years-old man with senile dementia, shares a room in a nursing home with Manuel, a young sparrow, whom he has been trying to set free for weeks.

Seeking the Lost Ones.jpg

Seeking the Lost Ones

Director Michael Teutsch
Runtime 01:30:00
Completion Date: January 5, 2022

My father Rudolf Teutsch was an early member of the NSDAP, later a soldier and in the Waffen SS. After he never wanted to talk to me about this past, his second wife gave me information about his life over 40 years ago.
In 2021, I re-enacted this conversation with an actress in a reading and confronted it with the statements of six Jews from France, Germany and Israel about their life stories, which they confided in me.
Their descriptions are integrated into the historical context of emigration to Palestine, child transports to England, the Nuremberg Race Laws, persecution and deportation, up to the founding of Israel in 1948.

Shot in Italy.jpg

Shot in Italy

Director Mirko Bischofberger
Runtime 15:42
Completion Date: October 21, 2021

A filmmaker from Sierra Leone arrives in Southern Italy after fleeing from his country and enduring the hell of Libya. Once stranded, he teams up with an Italian filmmaker and other refugees to continue his dream of making movies. Will he make it?


The Castro - A Community Advocating for Equality.jpg

The Castro - A Community Advocating for Equality

Director Kathy Amendola
United States
Runtime  42:30
Completion Date:November 1, 2021

This film covers over 70 years of LGBTQ activism in San Francisco and the Castro community.

It tells the story of the many brave sexual and gender diverse people who against all odds, created the foundation of Queer culture in America.

Driven by the rights to love, San Francisco became and continues to be the forefront of advocating for LGBTQ rights and positive social changes. These are our stories.

Too Much Future.jpg

Too Much Future

Director Jaron Kühmstedt
Runtime  30:00
Completion Date:December 1, 2021

“The mouth is so full that one can no longer swallow."

... this is how the Hamburg-based artist Tronje Thole van Ellen described the Now before the pandemic. The feeling of being able to do everything and therefore having to do everything grew into an overwhelming ulcer of possibilities, which now meets upon a virus. Despite all odds and fears, the artist decides to create space for art and still exhibit his works. The documentation accompanies the construction of an inexperienced, aspiring debutante who is realizing the only exhibition in the renowned Barlach Halle K in Hamburg in 2020.

The Yellow Queen - a road movie.jpg

The Yellow Queen - a road movie

Director Lucio Arisci
Runtime  01:27:08
Completion Date: January 1, 2021

A one way trip by bus from Cologne to Bamako (Mali), 7200 km in 21 days. A journey whose main protagonists are a bus and its driver Christian, who is lives for mechanics and for traveling. Since 2012 he takes to Mali only Mercedes O 303 buses, which as he says: “are the best buses ever built: an indestructible chassis, an immortal engine that can easily do up to 2 million km, simple mechanics with easy assembly of spare parts”. These buses can no longer circulate in Europe, but in Bamako, they are in great demand, for the above-mentioned reasons. What is considered waste in the North of the world, finds a new value in the South. "I am proud to be part of Mali's real economy, not the humanitarian one that depends on Europe's political decisions. I bring something that the Malians really need".

The Donbass children.jpg

The Donbass children

Director Lubomir Dankov
Runtime  60:00
Completion Date: September 30, 2019

This is a movie about the Donbas war, first-person stories. You will hear the stories of so-called "ordinary people". These people suffered from irrational from a military point of view strikes on civilian targets. They are victims of someone's desire to wage war on their territory at all costs.

There are no author's comments in this movie and no censoring of the thoughts of the local people. This film was made especially for spectators in Europe, who do not know what is happening in Eastern Ukraine.



Director Stephanie Seungmin Kim
United Kingdom
Runtime  01:03:00
Completion Date:

The first story in the film Fragments involves an incident in which I ask a librarian whether I can see the British Library’s royal Korean manuscript. My request is scrutinised, and the librarian suggests that I look at the digital version of the manuscript.

Bitter taste of love or Frau Schindler's list.jpg

Bitter taste of love or Frau Schindler's list

Russian Federation
Runtime  52:00
Completion Date: October 31, 2021

The film is the true story of Oskar Schindler’s wife, Emilie. Although lost to history (and left out of Spielberg’s movie altogether) she was an equal hero who actually washed, clothed and fed the Jews her husband saved..

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