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Do Not Hesitate.jpg

Do Not Hesitate

Director Shariff Korver
Runtime   01:30:00
Completion Date: December 3, 2020

After the sudden disappearance of their superior, three young soldiers are left to guard a military vehicle by themselves. As their situation renders them disconnected from reality, an encounter with a local boy escalates into a life changing fight.



Director Alexander Pfander
Runtime 02:12:00
Completion Date:

FRATERNITY is the story of David von Scharrenberg, who joins the student fraternity Corps Teutonia.

We accompany David on his way into the archaic world of the corps, dictated by traditional regulations – an academic fencing fraternity that quickly becomes a family substitute.


elveszett kenyér.jpg

elveszett kenyér

Director András Surányi
Runtime 54'
Completion Date: Dec-2021

The 91 years old Edith Bruck is one of the unique artists of European literature. She was born in a Jewish family on 3rd of May in 1931. at Tiszakarád. All of her family was deported during World War II. to concentration camps in Auschwitz, Dachau and Bergen-Belsen. Her mother died in Auschwitz, her father and elder brother died in Dachau. Only herself and her sister Eliz alived the Holocaust.
After the war Edith stayed in Hungary, then moved to Czechoslovakia, then to Italy in 1954.
She became friends with a lot of and most famous Italian poets: Eugenio Montale, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Mario Luzi etc. Because of encouragement of Primo Levi she started to document her Holocaust memory, and wrote articles about Jewish identity and Izraelian politics into the newspaper Il Tempo, Corriere della Sera, Il Messaggero.


mirando al mar.jpg

mirando al mar

Director Angel Puado Veloso
Runtime 89'
Completion Date: May-2019

Staring at the Sea is a film about two lives that cross paths at the end of their journey only to find themselves beginning the journey anew.
Angel is a man from Madrid that goes to spend a few days in Alicante and meets Chelo, who turns his life upside down. Between the two, a romance is born and Angel sees it as his last chance to find happiness.




Director Yen Kuang Chen
Runtime 01:58:09
Completion Date: November 25, 2021

Drug dealer Guo-hao hopes to make enough money so that he and his girlfriend can leave their life of crime behind. One day, he is contacted by Michael, a drug broker with an offer to buy a batch of rare cocaine.

Guo-hao teams up with long-time buddy Da-wei to borrow money from local crime boss Uncle Ma to complete this deal.

Please Don't Abandon Me.jpg

Please Don't Abandon Me

Director Antonio Rotunno
Runtime 01:14:17
Completion Date:

In the last years Helena has been living a happy life with Jesus, her boyfriend. But she has a dark and problematic past dealing with drugs and emotional issues. When she discovers something that makes her think their relationship will end, an avalanche of insecurities, anxiety and mental instability provoke a violent outburst that changes everything. Regular life at home and at work doesn't seem to be easy when a crime has occurred.

Met Mes.jpg

Met Mes

Director Sam de Jong
Runtime 01:19:04
Completion Date: June 1, 2021

When a successful TV personality is robbed of her new video camera, she exaggerates the story to get the most out of her insurance. However, when the young suspect unexpectedly gets arrested, this trivial lie ignites a chain reaction of unforeseen consequences that will know only losers in the end.

Locked Room 2020.jpg

Locked Room 2020

Director PAINT VK
United States
Runtime 01:25:00




Director Zaza Buadze
Runtime 02:00:00
Completion Date: September 2, 2020

In 2014, Sofia's peaceful life was invaded by the war, when she received a news informing her that the humanitarian plane that her son was flying was shot down over the occupied territory, where there is war.

After receiving an unsatisfactory response from the military regarding her son's life, she packs a small suitcase and travels to the occupied territory, to find her son.

Sofia understands the danger, however is determined to find her son. While traveling by bus, at the border, she gets saved from the militants by a local resident - Fedir.




Director Joss Refauvelet
Runtime 01:26:00
Completion Date: September 9, 2021

Chained to a pickup truck and abandoned in the California desert with a gun as her only apparent means of escape, a young woman must unravel her captor's twisted scheme before she is undone herself.




Director Khais Millen
Runtime 02:11:30
Completion Date: January 31, 2021

In every early mornings six enthusiastic kids from a dark slum, collecting vegetable wastes from markets to earn money.
But the social and hidden influences of 'slum life rules' lead them into the worst stages of survival in many corners.
On a weekend, they got a bag with a blooded 'Human Head' as cruelly murdered.
When the kids identified the 'Head', they can't ignore or dispose. Because he was a mentor to them.
The kids hiding the 'Head' for 3 days in hand and finding out the way he killed.

Silver Screen Dreams.jpg

Silver Screen Dreams

Director David Li
Runtime 01:08:00
Completion Date: February 1, 2022

An A-lister actress ruined, a silver screen dream shattered. A grievous experience revealing the darker side of the entertainment business. Can a modern miracle revive one person and an entire industry? [Silver Screen Dreams] — a story about pain, healing and forgiveness.

Tygyn Darhan.jpg

Tygyn Darhan

Director Nikita Arzhakov
Russian Federation
Runtime 02:24:00
Completion Date:

Tygyn Darhan, the leader of a prominent clan, follows the will of his father and aims to assemble the scattered clans and create a great union. But opposing leaders are not ready to share their power. When betrayal strikes, the spirit of war rises above Tuymaada Valley. Many challenges stand in Tygyn’s way, and only indomitable resolve can help him overcome them.

palabra de capitán.jpg

palabra de capitán

Director Nacho Sacaluga
Runtime 92:00
Completion Date: Jul-2020

Who is the Captain and why is his word important?
Author of more than 40 comparsas and chirigotas, including Los Yesterday, Juan Carlos Aragón was a writer, carnival author and professor of philosophy. And his lyrics were also pure philosophy, which often sounded in the voices of the most admired artists in our country.
His death unleashed an unusual tsunami in Andalusia that led to an explosion of love, despite the fact that he also aroused much hatred in life.

nturudu - um carnaval sem máscara.jpg

nturudu - um carnaval sem máscara

Director  Arlindo Camacho
Runtime 57:00
Completion Date: Jul-2021

This is the adventure of a Portuguese journalist, a Portuguese photographer and a Portuguese TV producer who travelled to Guinea-Bissau to record in a book the country’s largest gathering– the Nturudu. But what they found was so overwhelming that they felt compelled to capture on film their visit to this small West African country. It’s imperative to let the world know about this country that takes off its mask on Carnival Day and reveals its ancestral authenticity.

Wrong Track.jpg

Wrong Track

Director Boris Paval Conen
Runtime 01:21:00
Completion Date: September 22, 2021

When Ron’s granddaughter goes missing, the retired detective tries to stay clear from the investigation. However, as fear and uncertainty rise among his family and himself, Ron loses his patience and starts his own investigation. Out of the love for his granddaughter he transgresses boundaries, but just what price is he willing to pay?



Director Robert Sedlacek
Czech Republic
Runtime  01:34:00
Completion Date:May 1, 2021

A bittersweet tale around a live interview radio broadcast that changes the lives of several innocent people. After lying low in the USA for almost 20 years Radek makes a surprise visit to his home city of Prague. Tech savvy he manages to avoid revealing all forms of his identity and location to tell his story on a late night radio phone-in show hosted by ambitious young journalist Eva. Eva bends over backwards to accommodate him and becomes embroiled in his mission to track down a young mother called Eliska. Eva has no idea that she herself is part of his plot from an event two decades ago. Czech law gives a 20 year time limit for all crime, including murder. Detectives on the late shift hear the interview and start to build a case but they only have a few hours left before the crime is deemed unpunishable. A fierce struggle for time and justice begins.

Prom House.jpg

Prom House

Director Jared Glasser, T.W. Story
United States
Runtime  01:21:42
Completion Date:July 27, 2021

A group of high school seniors go to Vermont for a weekend of unforgettable experiences, surprising encounters and unfiltered conversations.


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