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Director  Antje Lindner
Runtime 3:00
Completion Date: Jan-2021

The animation “Identität/identity” is a cinematic reflection on the connections between geographical location and regulatory adaptation, reality and the need to survive, solidity and changeability, and questions the characteristic of real national character. Using the colours of the German flag as an example – black red gold – it shows national identity as a moment of identity-creating adaptation.


Director - Antje Lindner

Antje Lindner
born 1971 in Bobingen, lives and works in Leipzig and Augsburg
1990 High school Diploma
1991-1994 education to be a goldsmith in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg
1994 goldsmith diploma, first price in the region for the final piece of work
1994-1996 work as a goldsmith in Augsburg, Bavaria
1996-2001 studies free art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich
class of Prof. Cristina Iglesias ( Spain)
class of Prof. Rita Mc Bride (USA)
class of Prof. Johannes Brunner ( Germany)
2003 Diploma at the class of Prof. Hermann Pitz ( Germany)
freelance working

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