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J'Accuse! A cry from the killing pits of Lithuania.jpg

J'Accuse! A cry from the killing pits of Lithuania

Director Michael Kretzmer
United Kingdom
Runtime   01:26:00
Completion Date: September 1, 2022

A documentary film that tears apart Lithuania's policy of holocaust denial and its official hero worship of mass murderers.

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SrpskaThe Struggle for Freedom.jpg

Srpska: The Struggle for Freedom

Director Boris Malagurski
Runtime   01:33:00
Completion Date: October 1, 2022

The feature documentary film “Srpska: The Struggle for Freedom” chronicles the history of the people living in what is today Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Medieval times to the modern country. By presenting interesting historical facts about the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian times in the region, as well as the Yugoslav era, both royalist and socialist, the film explains the turbulent past that, at times, shaped European, but also global events.

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Mariupol Defender.jpg

Mariupol Defender

Director Stanislav Puzdriak
Runtime  27:00
Completion Date: November 16, 2022

Roman, 20-year-old Ukrainian warrior who lost a hand and a leg while defending Mariupol in April 2022. Wounded, Roman was captured by the Russians and spent three weeks in prison before being exchanged.
He came to the United States to get new prostheses that will help him return to the frontline.

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Shirin EbadiUntil We Are Free.jpg

Shirin Ebadi: Until We Are Free

Director Dawn Gifford Engle
United States
Runtime 01:21:11
Completion Date: September 1, 2022

The first Muslim woman to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize, Shirin Ebadi has inspired millions around the globe through her work as a human rights lawyer defending women and children against a brutal regime in Iran. Now the film, Until We Are Free, tells her story of courage and defiance in the face of a government out to destroy her, her family, and her mission: to bring justice to the people and the country she loves. The Iranian government would end up taking everything from Shirin Ebadi – her marriage, her home, even her Nobel Prize medallion – but the one thing it could never steal was her spirit to fight for justice and a better future for the women of Iran.

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Director Atsushi Kadowaki
Runtime  49:30
Completion Date: October 10, 2022

"Art Inclusion Factory" is located in Ichibancho, downtown Sendai. Unlike in a normal atelier, we see no work tools. You see people drawing on copier paper with felt-tip pens, or sitting back watching a Youtube clip. This is because this is not a place to create art pieces, but rather a place to create something different. So what exactly are they trying to create?

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Patriarcado el organismo nocivo.png

Patriarcado el organismo nocivo

Directors  Teresa Soler Garrido, Albert Sanfeliu Rodríguez
Runtime 01:39:00
Completion Date: 2022-02-04

Four powerful women whose essences and thoughts are bigger than their own stories surprise us with their innovative views on sexist violence and the emotion that translates from their strength. No victimization. No paternalism. <br />Professionals in the field and young people will walk along with them building a solid base for reflection and understanding. Patriarchy is installed as a harmful organism in every social structure. This documentary comes from a different perspective, shedding light over the dead angles of matters still in the shade.

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Runtime  24'   
Completion Date:  2013 - July

This film is a journey through the time of death. The time of my mother's death. Waiting for her death awoke my first memory of death : my grandfather's one. Therefore on the way of this death, I constantly go through the small family cemetary in Ivoy-le-Pré, in the center of france, to question the way i look at death. And to tell the waiting and the merciless, the life and the death. The passage of time.

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Director Anna Sandrini  
Runtime  60'  
Completion Date: Apr-2022

The village of Cave del Predil is a borderland. It is hidden through the forests of the Italian Julian Alps and now is just the spectrum of what it was once, a place of progress and vanguard. In Cave everything speaks of the past, the depth of the mine and its deserted galleries, the abandoned industrial structures, the talks in the bar, the local faces that speak of peoples united by the same history.

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Dreamers, the film.jpg

Dreamers, the film

Director Esther  YaÑez
Runtime  84'
Completion Date: Jan-2022

What is Dreamers? The teacher Ramón Torrelledó and the GMP Foundation are makers of dreams. A "dreamer", transmits emotions to those who are working for art, the art of the human dimension. Two unthinkable dreams arise:
The dream of doing a massive concert in an emblematic space in Madrid: The National Auditorium.

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Wielding the soul.jpg

Wielding the soul

Director Arantxa  Vela Buendía
Runtime   79'
Completion Date: Feb-2021

It not easy that a theatre director let a camera record the rehearsals of a play for so long. 'Wielding the soul' is a trip with LLuís Pasqual and his actors while they rehearse ‘El sueño de la vida’ by Alberto Conejero who, in this text, ended the unfinished play by García Lorca ‘Comedia sin título’. From the reading of the play to the opening, we witnessed how Pasqual helped his actors to embody their characters. ‘Wielding the soul’ is a director’s notebook, a notebook not only to talk about theatre but to see how you can make it.

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Director Phil Comeau
Runtime  52:00
Completion Date: September 26, 2022

You don't have to be a man to be a captain. Marilyn Gauvin fishes lobster with her father and her husband in New Brunswick, Canada, but wants to become a captain. To get there and understand what it takes to succeed, she meets determined and courageous female captains. But, a tragic event will make her question her dream.

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Conflicting Image.jpg

Conflicting Image

Director Max Viktor Herbert
Runtime  01:10:00
Completion Date:

How does the depiction of war change in times of Smartphones and the internet? This documentary uses only YouTube material filmed by soldiers, journalists, civilians, or war zone tourists to portray the absurd global theater of war, and its depiction through GoPro cameras, TV, and VLOGs. A study of modern war aesthetics, the promotion of romanticizing and glorification of war.

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Belina - Music For Peace.jpg

Belina - Music For Peace

Director Marc Boettcher
Runtime  01:34:00
Completion Date: June 1, 2021

With a varied repertory that focused above all on folk music, Belina – the stage name of the Polish-Jewish singer Lea-Nina Rodzynek (1925–2006) – was a performer who was able to build bridges between nations and cultures. Together with the world-famous Berlin-born guitarist Siegfried Behrend (1933–1990), she undertook a series of world tours in the early 1960s, all of them under the aegis of the Foreign Office and Goethe Institute, representing Germany in almost 200 towns and cities in 120 countries.

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Director  Pierre Lane
Runtime 54:24
Completion Date: November 15, 2021

In 1965, an unknown 29 year old named Georges Perec, sees his destiny change the day he gets the prestigious Renaudot literary prize.
In fifteen years and a short life, he will become one of the greatest French writers of the 20th century. How did this Jewish orphan, who came out of the Second World War lost and confused, manage to reach the literary pantheon so quickly? Who is behind this man with boyish eyes who never wanted to talk about himself directly in his books? Why did he leave us all these clues, like little pebbles to follow his trail?

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Runtime 44:18
Completion Date: July 11, 2022

The 45 minute 4K Digital DTS Documentary titled YANAM which portrays India's dream project "MANGALYAN" (Mars Orbiter Mission) is the first Science- Sanskrit Film in the history of World Cinema. India is the fourth country to complete the gruelling Mars Mission along with the United States, the European Union and China. It is also noteworthy that India is hailed as the first country to successfully complete the miraculous venture of interplanetary travel (Mars Mission) at a much lesser cost than Hollywood movies like "GRAVITY".

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Director   diana taylor
United Kingdom
Runtime 60:00
Completion Date: May 25, 2022

The film explores the life of Helen Feiler the daughter of the St Ives artist
Paul Feiler and her involvement with the families of the St Ives artists, Patrick Heron, Terry Frost, Bryan Wynter, Peter Lanyon. It’s an interesting story interweaving her connections in the area with the influence of the landscape on her art and jewellery. She is the only artist to have jewellery exhibited at the Tate.
The film features Susan Daniel-McElroy Director of the Tate St Ives who gave Helen her jewellery exhibition and Helen talking about her wallpaper designs based on art work given to her by artists including John Piper and Terry Frost.

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OdessaLaughter through bombs.jpg

Odessa: Laughter through bombs

Directors Yury Butsko, Alexandrina Glagoljewa, Valerij Bolgan
Runtime 20:38
Completion Date: May 5, 2022

Odessa became one of the first Ukrainian cities to be bombed from the first days of the war. For the third month now, the famous Odessa courtyards have been constantly shaken by the shelling of uninvited neighbors. During this time, the legendary "pearl by the sea" experienced a lot of grief, but the hardships rallied its inhabitants even more. Odessa mother gave shelter to people from different countries, including Belarusians who had to flee from repressions in their homeland. They decided to stay and protect their new home. This is a noble struggle in which humor plays an important role. While Russian ships plow the bottom of the sea, Odessans compose songs about it.

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Humanity Stoked.jpg

Humanity Stoked

Director Michael Ien Cohen
United States
Runtime 01:29:10
Completion Date: December 29, 2021

A documentary about the beauty in overcoming fear and other challenges facing humanity as seen by icons of pro skating, science, art, music, activism, and education, all of whom share experiences and perspectives shaped by their love of skateboarding.

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Saving Grace Animal SocietyDriven By Compassion.jpg

Saving Grace Animal Society: Driven By Compassion

Director Tyler Jon Duffy
Runtime 01:15:34
Completion Date: April 4, 2022

Saving Grace Animal Society rescues and re-homes over 2300 animals per year from extremely distressed, undesirable, and often life threatening situations. Take a journey with Saving Grace and get a glimpse of their amazing work, and all the precious animals they save.

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Your Son Almost Died.jpg

Your Son Almost Died

Director Yocheved Pianko Feinerman
Runtime  7:20
Completion Date: December 26, 2021

Charlie Feinerman took his first breath of air, in the front seat of his family’s white Mitsubishi Grandis.

According to eight-year-old Charlie Feinerman, due to traffic on the road, his parents could not reach the hospital on time, causing him to be born in the car.

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Doktor Jepang - My grandfather decided to stay in Indonesia.jpg

Doktor Jepang - My grandfather decided to stay in Indonesia

Director Atsushi Kadowaki
Runtime  59:50
Completion Date:

After World War II, nearly 1,000 Japanese soldiers remained in Indonesia. While working on an art project in Indonesia, I happened to meet the descendants of Japanese soldiers and decided to find their Japanese relatives. What I came across was a family of two countries that hadn't met for decades.

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Phantom Or The Opera.jpg

Phantom Or The Opera

Director Roger Ho-wan CHOW
Hong Kong
Runtime  01:30:00
Completion Date: June 14, 2022

This is a documentary of special genre, it’s all about phantoms, or the opera…
Originating in southern China, Cantonese Opera (Da Xi) has been a fascinating Chinese culture, circulating many supernormal stories and taboos on stage and off stage. Master Edward Li, as a famous Fengshui master in SE Asia, is also a renowned producer for making documentaries focusing on supernormal subjects, and also a famous playwright of Cantonese operas.

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DORA Escape into Music.jpg

DORA Escape into Music

Directors Tim van Beveren, Kyra Steckeweh
Runtime   01:56:25
Completion Date: July 31, 2022

In her native Croatia, the composer Dora Pejačević (1885-1923) is almost as well known as Mozart, but elsewhere she is mostly unknown. Although her works were performed in Dresden, Budapest, Vienna, and many other cities during her lifetime, after her death in 1923 she was quickly forgotten and her name disappeared from concert programs.

Dora Pejačević grew up as a countess in her parents‘ castle in Našice, in present-day Croatia. This privileged background enabled her to develop her musical talent at an early age. For her, however, music was not a pastime, but a real vocation. She studied with private teachers in Dresden and Munich, where she took part in the cultural trends of her time. Her acquaintances included personalities such as Karl Kraus and Rainer Maria Rilke.

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Defenders of the Arts.jpg

Defenders of the Arts

Directors Mikhail Aleksandrovich Churbanov, Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Borisenko
Russian Federation
Runtime   44:00
Completion Date: March 1, 2022

Why do we need art? And what immeasurable value do the masterpieces of world culture have, if many years ago during the Great Patriotic War the Hermitage staff did everything to save them ... More than a million exhibits were evacuated in just one week. And they are safely hidden in the Urals, in the city where another Hermitage center has opened today. There are the events of three times in the film: the 17th century - the moment of the creation of the unique painting "The Return of the Prodigal Son", the 20th - the terrible war and the famous Nuremberg trial of German war criminals and, finally, the Hermitage, its keepers and the youth in the 21st century, who have a lot to figure out…


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Directors Tatiana Sergeevna Tretiakova, Mikhail Aleksandrovich Churbanov
Russian Federation
Runtime   01:51:47
Completion Date: November 28, 2021

This film is dedicated to everyone who looks to the future: their future, the future of their family and country. The film will give any viewer inspiration and awaken the spirit of the search – could it be better? This movie is a mystery. What should I do where I stand? And at the same time - a lot of discoveries. Is it really possible?

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The wandering Jew a historic tale

Director Pierre-Henry Salfati
Runtime   52:00
Completion Date: January 31, 2022

A very old Jew passes through the heart of an anonymous European city. His wanderer's appearance and the expression of vertiginous mystery on his face arouse contempt or fear. From the late Middle Ages to the early twentieth century, the Wandering Jew is condemned by Jesus Christ to walk the roads until his return. For the Christian peoples, he was not an imaginary character, but a flesh-and-blood individual whom they could meet on the roads or in the suburbs. Over the centuries, the chronicles of his appearances reflect detestation, pity, and more rarely popularity. In the background, another story emerges, that of the main attribute of the one who cannot settle anywhere: the history of the Jewish people. This documentary is a dive into the memories of the wandering Jew. Told in the first person singular, Ahasverus organizes his collection as an archivist of the world's memory.He recounts his journey and that of his people. He tries to make sense of the curse of living among us on the face of the earth. And in this, he holds up a mirror to us.

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