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Music Video / Video Art

Destiny -from the musical.jpg

Destiny -from the musical "This is Love"

Director AKISAI M
Runtime  22:00
Completion Date: August 3, 2022

"Destiny" is a musical short film created around 4 songs chosen from the first half of AKISAI's developing musical "This is Love".
Shiny, a strict and sensitive architect, and Aroma, a bright and popular product designer, met on a new construction project.
​Music, lyrics, arrangements, singing, and directing, producing, editing, costume coordination, hair and makeup and performance were all done by AKISAI.

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Words like violence.jpg

Words like violence

Director Arjan Gebraad
Runtime 10:58
Completion Date:  September 30, 2022

Three dancers are in the same room, but each in their own space. Each character shows glimpses of who she is and how they relate to a monologue-soundtrack that can be heard throughout the movie. For everyone the relationship with the text and the words are different. Gradually the voice breaks down, words tumble and meanings are lost. This has an impact on the dancers and the way they move. The tensions within the relationship with the voice come to a climax and something breaks.

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Flower of my garden.jpg

Flower of my garden

Director Wagner Freitas
Runtime 2:44
Completion Date:  October 25, 2022

Flower of my garden is a music video with studio scenes and animation. It is a bossa nova song in which the flower of the garden, in a lyrical way, represents the birth of a love. Hence, the hummingbird that insistently surrounds the flower. At the end, the loving kiss.

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Onde Estou Eu (Where Am I).jpg

Onde Estou Eu (Where Am I)

Director Joana Brandão
Runtime 2:39
Completion Date:  

"Onde Estou Eu" (Where Am I) is a music video from a solo project by Manel Cruz. It speaks of abandoning ourselves. The photograph is inspired by Caravaggio's tenebrism. "Even if I feel it running, I can't hear the river singing, where did it get lost without taking me?"

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Whisper My Name.jpg

Whisper My Name

Director  Susanna Katsman
United States
Runtime 3:03
Completion Date: August 10, 2022

A woman expresses longing for her lover.

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Not All Men.jpg

Not All Men

Director  Tosh Leykum
Runtime 3:40
Completion Date: September 8, 2022

The music video Not All Men stands for:
Against sexism, against homophobia, against violence.
The band Lady Jesus was founded about 2 years ago by director and guitarist Tosh Leykum, who composed the chord progressions, the vocal lines come from the singer Claudia Ballerstedt. The text comes from Ruby S. Zeugs, who is currently producing a queer radio play musical.

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peace song.png

peace song - by imran ahmed

Director Hagit Kastel
United States
Runtime  6:20
Completion Date: September 2, 2022

Peace Song (Various Artists) copyright 2022Mixed & Mastered: Muneer Khan
Video Production: Hagit Kastel
Written by Mike Roepke

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I Am Still Waiting.jpg

I Am Still Waiting

Director Stephanie Liapis
United States
Runtime  5:00
Completion Date: July 29, 2022

I Am Still Waiting, comes from the restless and still of isolation and a self-imposed attempt to rewild oneself back into life. The text prose by Elena Hecht and performance by Leslie Kraus express an untethering from memory and a dissolution into pastoral abyss. The work was filmed in residency on location in Longford, Ireland.

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Dust on Pebble.jpg

Dust on Pebble

Director Vincent NAFFRÉCHOUX
Runtime  4:19
Completion Date:

It is a dystopia set in the 1980s. A young boy dreams of the stars and space, and as he realizes his dream, he measures what he leaves behind.

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So in Love.jpg

So in Love

Director miriam e bavly
United States
Runtime  2:43
Completion Date:

Music video

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Online Messages in Cardboard Boxes.jpg

Online Messages in Cardboard Boxes

Director Mathieu St-Pierre
Runtime  52:50
Completion Date: October 6, 2021

"Online Messages in Cardboard Boxes" is a voyage beyond the keyboard, the monitor and the WWW, it takes us on a trip from the busy streets of a virtual metropolis to the melted ruins of a broken e-map. Each chapter was conceived as a gateway to the cloud of our mind.

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be strong!.jpg

be strong!

Director Christian Kalnbach
Runtime  7:15
Completion Date:

Selma Merbaum, with her lyrik and poetry against terror and war

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Web / New Media

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The Muse.jpg

The Muse

Director Max Karpylev
United States
Runtime   49:50
Completion Date: February 23, 2022

Once successful novelist Mark is fighting for his sanity struggling to finish his book.


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Are you Amir ShahSEASON 2.jpg

Are you Amir Shah? SEASON 2

Director Amir Shah
United States
Runtime 40:00
Completion Date: February 10, 2021

Saeed delves deeper into the dark and uncanny world of mega texas beer commercial producer Amir Shah

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Down To Earth.jpg

Down To Earth

Director Maxwell Sternlicht
United States
Runtime  23:48
Completion Date: August 14, 2022

A comedy about three extraterrestrial roommates, all with different goals and backgrounds, navigating life on Earth.

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To Be Consumed By Love - Endre Ady's Women.jpg

To Be Consumed By Love - Endre Ady's Women

Director Ádám Horgas
Runtime   55:00
Completion Date: July 1, 2022

The film evokes perhaps the most loving period of the aging Endre Ady1s (1877-1919) life, in which we can learn more about the Hungarian poetic giant in the intimate emotional web of his legendary loves.
Four people.
A self-destructive man in his mid-30s – beaten with genius and blessed with true ingenuity.
A worldly dame in her early 40s who is tormented by the slow passing of her beauty.
A cheerful, freshly divorced young woman in her mid-20s.
A miss who turns from an immature teenage girl into a purposeful adult woman.

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The Two One-and-Onlys – The Great Loves of Frigyes Karinthy.jpg

The Two One-and-Onlys – The Great Loves of Frigyes Karinthy

Director Tamás Szirtes
Runtime   55:00
Completion Date: June 1, 2022

The film brings to life the two great loves of the famous Hungarian writer, poet and essayist Frigyes Karinthy (1887-1938), which playfully uses the facts of the writer's life, showing the tragicomic friction between the „two one-and-onlys” and the startling changes in Karinthy's life. Frigyes Karinthy is twenty-five years old when he escapes his great love, the actress Etel Judik, with three children, under adventurous circumstances. They hide from the anger of the husband in Berlin for half a year, then reconcile the husband with a larger sum and get married in Budapest.

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Daddy Issues.jpg

Daddy Issues

Director Ortal Odelia Biener
Runtime   19:14
Completion Date: September 1, 2021

A dark humor mockumentary about a dysfunctional family who recently lost connection with Neomi, the mother.
The director tries to step in and help, but Rafi, the self-concentrated, infantile father, has different plans for her.


Music / Songs / Songwriting Contest

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What I've been through.jpg

What I've been through

Author Fabiano Montesano
Runtime 3 minutes 23 seconds
Completion Date:February 25, 2022

This is What I've been through
This is what I'ma do
Cuz I'ma - cuz I'ma
Looking through my rearview

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Author Saun Santipreecha
United States
Runtime 8 minutes 29 seconds
Completion Date:June 1, 2022

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Author Fabiano Montesano
United Kingdom
Runtime 3 minutes 2 seconds
Completion Date:June 3, 2022

Yo, it’s ya boy Famoe
Rap & Rhymes Records
Guess who’s back

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