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The Rat.jpg

The Rat

Director Baimukhamedov Zhantemir  
Runtime 29:00
Completion Date: Sep-2022

This is true story that happened during the Collaps of the Soviet Union in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Prisoner is a guitar player released from jail. He setled in the room of closed plant.
He found a rat living in his room. When he played guitar the rat had been dragging money out of the hall.
Man and rat became best friends.

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Good bye Paris.jpg

Good bye Paris

Director Louis Salvatore Bellanti  
Runtime 19:00
Completion Date: Jul-2022

Frédéric, a young law student afflicted with a stutter, must pass an oral exam for his last online assignment. His stutter threatens to get in his way, and so he attempts everything to get rid of it.

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Between The Words.jpg

Between The Words

Director Farid Ismaïl
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date: May 21, 2022

Frédéric, a young law student afflicted with a stutter, must pass an oral exam for his last online assignment. His stutter threatens to get in his way, and so he attempts everything to get rid of it.

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Director Paul Neøclasic
Runtime 05:21
Completion Date:  2022-01-18

Bruno is a young entrepreneur who has an online t-shirt store. However, he suffers from a triple personality disorder that with the help of his "friend Aurora" and the psychologist Beatriz, he will try to overcome it.

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Outta This World.png

Outta This World

Director Brittany Christine
United States
Runtime 5:00
Completion Date: May 24, 2022

An animated sci fi comedy about a human woman, Astria ZonBerg, who longs for something. On a journey with alien Pike to find it, she discovers something else she never knew she was missing.

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The Lowest Point.jpg

The Lowest Point

Director He Liu
Runtime 27:10
Completion Date: April 20, 2022

This is a story about a photographer who meets a desperate young girl.(“Run down” is a former name).

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Bon appetit.jpg

Bon appetit

Director Shijun Chen
Runtime   10:12
Completion Date: August 31, 2022

The forensic doctor and the female leader Ji Chunfen pressed the female leader step by step during the meal in the restaurant to find out another hidden truth behind the death of the female leader. It turned out that the female leader was arranged by her family to go to a key university to impersonate Chunfen Ji without her knowing it many years ago. Now the female leader sees that Chunfen Ji is living a very bad life, feels guilty and decides to return her name to her by suicide...

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Runtime  14:47
Completion Date: 2022-05-27

In different moments in History there have existed women with power who have suffered repression and even have died because of their life style and ideas. The patriarchal power tried to take away thei knowledge as a way to control and submit them. Regardless, they have survived through time. Before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors there were women of power in the Canarian Archipelago and mainly in Gran Canaria. Some of them were gifted with divination and healing, helped their people and played an important role in their society during the colonization.

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Entre Dragones.jpg

Entre Dragones

Director  Miguel Ezquieta
Runtime  09:48  
Completion Date:

Sixteen-years-old Unax travels through time to find out what is happening both to him and to the knight who has been pursuing him in so many battles for a number of years. Through his fight against the forces of evil he eventually understands and accepts himself.

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Runtime 12:00
Completion Date: 2022 - May

Through the eyes of an unusual witness we get to see what happens in the house of the main characters, thus showing us what normally no one would have seen.

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The Door.jpg

The Door

Director  Pierre H. Ollier  
Runtime  14'  
Completion Date: Jul-2022

Curiosity brews as two women are charged with pressing a button that leads to a mysterious nowhere. People enter but never leave. What is behind this door? For one, the unknown doesn't plague them in the slightest. For the other, the answer must be known, despite all risks.

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Director Andres Romero
Runtime  10'  
Completion Date: Mar-2022

February 14th. Valentine's Day. A couple arrives for dinner at a restaurant, without a reservation.
She behaves in a very stupid and arrogant way towards her partner and the restaurant staff. She begins to bother all the guests present and business workers.
The couple's conversation increasingly reaches a greater degree of insults until it reaches an unbearable point.

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Director Utku Yasavul
Runtime   3:34
Completion Date: September 1, 2022

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Sonokoe (The Voice).jpg

Sonokoe (The Voice)

Director Nachshon Taishi Tanaka
Runtime   39:07
Completion Date: May 1, 2022

Fu Yoshizawa is a young man with selective mutism who is unable to speak in certain social situations. He can only speak to his mother at home. A young woman, Shiori, starts working in an accessible workplace for people with mental disabilities where Fu also works at. She tries to talk to him, but he is unable to respond. One day, Fu is in the forest collecting cicada’s shells, as he often likes to do. He suddenly hears footsteps from a distance and slowly walks towards the sound…

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7 Days to the Carnival.jpg

7 Days to the Carnival

Director Nanako Irie
Runtime   39:42
Completion Date: November 28, 2021

The Carnival in 400 years is coming. 7 days before the carnival, three gods, Laughos, Sightos and Danceus, are called to a lodging house. They have to choose two out of three, who are destined to die at the carnival for the salvation of the world. It’s a tradition and an honor if chosen. The way to choose is left in their own hands.
They start chatting but don’t get to the point. On the third day, the Supremacy appears and put pressure to the three. They go gradually into distress until the carnival.

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Touched Perry.jpg

Touched Perry

Director Nanako Irie
Runtime   39:58
Completion Date:

Perry is hungry for being touched by others. The relationship between Perry and his mother in his child hood let his heart missing something essential. He switches his job and move his place frequently with his feeling of inferiority.
Hana, an owner of dinner, talk to Perry after a trouble on the street. Hana suggests Perry to do part time job at his own shop.

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The Wheel.jpg

The Wheel

Runtime   30:48
Completion Date: August 8, 2022

Perpetually stuck a world of what-ifs, a lonely man struggles to discern dream from reality.
Set in present-day Singapore where a growing share of the population remains single in a multiracial society, this film explores loneliness and aging, the possibilities and consequences of a man choosing a life alone. With references to the "butterfly dream" philosophy, Aadi questions the blurred line between dreaming and waking in his increasingly monotonous life.

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River Road and Hoodwinked Toad.jpg

River Road and Hoodwinked Toad

Director  Ankit Santra
Runtime 30:00
Completion Date: May 1, 2022

The pandemic has brought doom upon the entire world, except Kalitala. The village seems to be making a fortune out of its abundance of wood as corpses from the city are brought for cremation. Wherever the economy booms, politics follows. Young Sholte finds drawings of a dead child from the city, and trying to match them with their said progressive village, discovers the harsh reality.


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Cycle again.jpg

Cycle again

Director  Atsushi Kadowaki
Runtime 28:04
Completion Date: September 15, 2022

When the Great East Japan Earthquake struck in 2011, the director was far from home and cycled 200 kilometers to get home. He came up with the idea of cycling 200 kilometers along the coast of Indonesia, the area hit by the 2004 Sumatra earthquake, in the same way he had cycled in Tohoku. What he saw there was a completely different picture of reconstruction than in Japan.


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To Meet Esther.jpg

To Meet Esther

Director  Anna Eret
Runtime 18:01
Completion Date: January 1, 2022

Marianna of Jewish-Russian descent, born in Germany, proudly presents her Jewish family tree at elementary school. Contrary to her parents who are afraid of antisemitic attacks, she confesses to be Jewish. When she gets home, she tries to smuggle in the poster about her Jewish family without being noticed.
On that day the young journalist and blogger Eva is visiting, she learns about the discrepancy in the family and about the double life Marianna has to live up until now. Eva recognizes herself in this little girl and writes for the first time about her Jewish origin in her blog. The statement triggers hundreds of reactions and finds a positive response among people with jewish background.

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Director Michelle Bossy
United States
Runtime  13:00
Completion Date:April 1, 2022

Seth, a college senior, is home for winter break. He’s spending a day relaxing and shopping on Fairfax Avenue when he’s suddenly confronted by an Orthodox Jewish man asking Seth if he’s Jewish. Seth’s chance encounter leads to a profound spiritual experience with life-changing implications.

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Director Ningyue Hao
Runtime  7:27
Completion Date:May 31, 2022

Winter time in Shanghai, after her best friend moved out of their shared flat, the 26-year-old girl named A felt lost and began to wander the streets while looking for a new flat. One day, She was wandering around aimlessly, a woman who was walking a cat went passed her. Just when she was curious and about to follow, the woman had disappeared. Few days later, As A went out from home and ran down the stairs in a hurry, she bumped into a woman in the staircase. The bag in the woman’s hand fell to the ground and there were shrimps scattered all over the floor.

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Director Eilon Ben-Nissan
United States
Runtime  16:00
Completion Date:June 15, 2022

A Fantasy/Drama about Leon, a man who, with out knowing, creates an imaginary world in his subconscious. There, Leon meets parts of himself he had never discovered before. On his journey of self discovery Leon comes to find himself at an intersection between his reality and his blissful imagination. When Leon goes to sleep in his reality he wakes up in his imagination and when he goes to sleep in his imagination he wakes up in his reality. Each new day is a different one and it’s up to Leon to decide which world is more worth living in.

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Jonahthe True Story.jpg

Jonah: the True Story

Director Graham Scheaffer Young
United States
Runtime  17:15
Completion Date:May 13, 2022

A prophet of God struggles with accepting forgiveness as he is forced to follow God's commands in this comical retelling of a well-known Bible story.


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Stay With.jpg

Stay With

Director Ben Stamper
United States
Runtime  20:47
Completion Date:December 11, 2021

Inspired by Internal Family Systems therapy, this film follows one urbanite encountering their disassociation, anxiety, workaholism, and depression personified. This individual draws nears to each hurting part through the award-winning lens of film-maker Ben Stamper.


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Yesterday ended last night.jpg

Yesterday ended last night

Directors Galenus Zhou, Jia jie lin, ze cong kuang
Runtime  20:55
Completion Date: June 1, 2022

Losing his mother as a child, Yi, a young man in a small town, leads a gloomy life until he meets Mei, the daughter of an aquarium owner. Because of Mei, Yi's life has just began to shine, but the harsh reality soon tears this felicity apart. Yi soon loses himself between his memories, the reality and "everything he could never have imagined".

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Below the river.jpg

Below the river

Director yinze li
Runtime  25:00
Completion Date: June 7, 2012

This film was produced by Shen Xinghao Director Studio of Hebei University of Media and Communications, and was shot by teachers from the Teaching and Research Office of Drama Film and Television Directors and students with students in Dujiangyan, Chengdu. The film tells the story of an online car-hailing driver who found a huge sum of money in the process of looking for the owner, trying to buy a new house with his own money to alleviate the family conflict caused by the crowded housing. It aims to express the distortions and swaying of the life at the bottom of the society and human nature under the impact of the network economy.

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The Living Things.jpg

The Living Things

Director wenyu zhang
Runtime  24:32
Completion Date: June 6, 2026

Synopsis Recently, the actor Zhao Yuanyi plans to film his first movie. In order to raise money, he starts to interview for a job. When the

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Brother Troll.jpg

Brother Troll

Director Gudmund Helmsdal
Faroe Islands
Runtime  29:59
Completion Date: January 7, 2021

Once upon a time in the Faroe Islands, two lone brothers struggle to save their fragile relationship after the sudden loss of their older brother.

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Director Avi Ludmir
Runtime  7:21
Completion Date: June 1, 2022

Through lines of poetry and psychological dance hagar tries to persuade her partner out of the closet

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Director Angelo Perez Lebbink
Runtime  12:33
Completion Date: January 31, 2022

A down on his luck drug addict seeks forgiveness and salvation from an alienated prostitute in need.

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The Seventh Seal.jpg

The Seventh Seal

Director Jacek Krawczyk
Runtime   29:56
Completion Date: June 30, 2020

Disillusioned Knight Antonius returns home from the Crusades to find his country in the grips of the Black Death, he challenges Death to a chess match for his life. Tormented by the belief that God does not exist, Antonius sets off on a journey, meeting up with traveling player Mia and becoming determined to evade Death long enough to commit one redemptive act while he still lives. But Death is always around the corner, biding his time. Knight Antonius cannot escape his fate, and the two begin their game.

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Director Nissim Khalifa
Runtime   25:00
Completion Date: September 25, 2021

A short story about 2 brothers and a younger sister, trying to find the right balance between their family values and their personal needs.

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Director Vilma Kartalska
Runtime   16:02
Completion Date: October 3, 2021

Anjela Pencheva has suffered from Cerebral Palsy since birth, but the difficult diagnosis has never broken her spirit and has turned her into a writer, an actress and a dancer. Through her work and with her computer generated voice, she participates in various initiatives for the rights of the people with disabilities and inspires everyone who has met her.

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