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Pink Puzzle.jpg

Pink Puzzle

Director Mike Adler
Runtime 01:24:03
Completion Date: March 13, 2022

"Pink Puzzle" sheds light on the glittering world of Berlin's fashion scene, in which selfishness and superficiality are the fuel of success. At the same time, however, it opens a door gap to the Berlin neighborhood milieu and the night scene. Against this background we meet Cateline (28), a successful, self-confident and charming woman from the fashion industry. As the owner of her own fashion label, her career as a fashion designer is completely self-determined.

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The BigFather.jpg

The BigFather

Director Konstantinos Stragalinos
Runtime 01:51:20
Completion Date: May 21, 2022

A film about a family man who is struggling to save his house from the banks, turning his life into a reality show.
A social drama with elements of black humor and suspense.
A film Director is facing financial difficulties as the banks are trying to seize his house for an old family loan.

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Not a Thing ( Ice cream could be dangerous).jpg

Not a Thing ( Ice cream could be dangerous)

Director Éva Benke
Runtime 01:30:00
Completion Date:  May 16, 2021

Éva and Adél are identical twins in their thirties. Through their special relationship, that begins in the mother’s womb, we can get an idea of today’s Hungarian social reality. Éva is a representative of apparent prosperity, with a successful and rich husband and a beautiful baby, but underneath the surface is a frustrated, lonely, happiness seeking woman, living in an abusive relationship.

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Director Abhineet Gogne
Runtime   01:33:00
Completion Date: August 1, 2022

Betrayed in love, an enraged man boards a taxi in the lonesome night: Journeying with an otherworldly taxi driver and a bizarre schoolgirl into multi-dimensional realms.

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Director  Peter Sege Butko
Runtime  105'   
Completion Date: Aug-2022

Marina comes back from Slovakia to visit her parents in her hometown in Serbia and introduce them to her fiancé, the famous writer Zoltan. A staunch abstinent and vegetarian - Zoltan doesn’t have it easy at first in the town famous for its spicy sausage and fruit brandy.

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The Dance of Ali and Zin.jpg

The Dance of Ali and Zin

Director Mehmet Ali Konar
Runtime   01:18:30
Completion Date: April 5, 2021

The story passes in a tiny Kurdish village. Isa lives with his mother Zîn, wife Zeyne, children Zırav, Kerim and his sister Gulreng in the same house. In the beginning of the film, the body of Isa’s younger brother who has been shot in Istanbul, is brought back and given to him.

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The Exile of the Sea.jpg

The Exile of the Sea

Director Mauricio Brunetti
Runtime   01:12:12
Completion Date: July 20, 2022


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Director John Mossman
United States
Runtime   01:48:00
Completion Date: September 30, 2022

Will Greenwood, a Chicago teenager forced to come to terms with his father's violent death, visits a small town and finds solace in a group of local kids. When the town bully threatens Will’s new friend, how far will he go to protect him...especially with a gun? It is a coming of age drama where young men and guns come crashing together….


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Director  Michael Moshe Dahan
Runtime 01:35:00
Completion Date: June 30, 2022

In 37 BC a young Illyrian Volsus joins a Roman unit and sets off on a perilous journey into the one of the darkest regions of the Empire.

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Portrait of a Woman in a Landscape.jpg

Portrait of a Woman in a Landscape

Director  Andrea Laquidara
Runtime 01:46:00
Completion Date: April 30, 2022

Lise, a young French woman, arrives in Urbino, Italy, to carry out a research concerning the identity of the woman portrayed in “La Gioconda”, the famous painting by Leonardo. The scholar is inspired by the theories of Roberto Zapperi, Olivia Nesci and Rosetta Borchia, who argue that the painting depicts a mysterious 16th century noblewoman from Urbino, Pacifica Brandani, mistress of Giuliano de' Medici. The research will lead Lise to explore the ducal city, its inhabitants, the landscape that surrounds it, to penetrate the complex identity and the profound and elusive memory of Italian and European culture.

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We Need Rent Money.jpg

We Need Rent Money

Director  Blake Evan Laitner
United States
Runtime 01:42:27
Completion Date: April 16, 2022

A comedy about 3 party animals who has 7 days to come up with the rent.

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