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My Grandma's AppletreeA Testimony of an Apolitical Life.jpg

My Grandma's Appletree: A Testimony of an Apolitical Life

Director Leandra Hoffmann
Runtime 30:23
Completion Date:May 2, 2023

"My Grandmother's Appletree" is a documentary about the memories of my 96 years old grandmother who grew up during the Nazi regime in Germany. She described herself as apolitical and there are many things she can no longer remember. What happens to history when contemporary witnesses forget it? And what is the testimony of an apolitical follower?

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Beyond Galilee.jpg

Beyond Galilee

Director T. D. Antoine
United States
Runtime 48:03
Completion Date:May 30, 2018

In August of 1958, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was invited to Shreveport, Louisiana to deliver a speech at the Galilee Baptist Church as part of a voter registration workshop. 'Beyond Galilee' explores how King's prophetic words unfolded in the years that followed by highlighting the key events of the city's Civil Rights movement through the testimonies of the actual participants and supplemented by rare audio of King's speech, news footage, home movies and photos from the era. 'Beyond Galilee' chronicles a vital part of Shreveport's history and offers much needed perspective on the city's role in the national Civil

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All the colors of the World.jpg

All the colors of the World

Director Giorgi Toradze
Runtime   26:30
Completion Date:May 1, 2023

The film by film director Giorgi Toradze is about Lika Torikashvili, former delegate of the Youth of Georgia in UN.
Since her childhood Lika makes all her best to paint world for herself and other people, especially those who are in trouble. For this aim she founded non-governmental association “Paint the World”. Her projects are well known in Georgia and outside. Having remarkable western education and quite long experience of realizing international social projects, Lika continues activities in her field and is ready to realize new interesting projects.


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One Second at a TimeBattling the Monster of Addiction.jpg

One Second at a Time: Battling the Monster of Addiction

Director Tim Searfoss
United States
Runtime 01:27:36
Completion Date: March 27, 2023

A documentary about addiction and recovery, told through the father of Christine Ortoll, a young woman who fought, and ultimately lost, a ten-year battle with mental illness and substance use disorder via fentanyl overdose.


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So Far From Hell.jpg

So Far From Hell

Director Maxime Simone
Runtime 01:29:54
Completion Date: May 13, 2022

Si Loin de l'Enfer is a film resulting from the meeting with two descendants of resistance fighters deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau, two women from the Pays-Haut in France, on the Belgian and Luxembourg borders.
A biographical journey, between past and present, between lives with such different fates. Crystèle Renaudin, whose grandmother returned from the death camp, punctuates the film with music, her unwavering passion, while Pierre Zani testifies about his mother for the first time in front of a camera.

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Palestine Report.jpg

Palestine Report

Director Atsushi Kadowaki
Runtime 01:35:00
Completion Date: April 14, 2023

Palestine is a famous conflict zone. The director decided to visit the region almost without a plan, and everywhere he goes, he encountered a variety of people and experienced that were hard to believe in a place that was considered one of the most dangerous places in the world.

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FUELED BY LOVE - Der Streetartist DOME.jpg

FUELED BY LOVE - Der Streetartist DOME

Director Oliver Langewitz
Runtime  20:00
Completion Date: November 30, 2022

DOME - that is the street artist Christian Krämer. His work is in demand internationally and he inspires people with his unique style. The film accompanied the likeable exceptional artist for a year. Two projects are in focus here.
For example, DOME designed the facades of an eight-storey residential building for a cooperative in Karlsruhe. He also created a picture for a Rotary club that will eventually adorn a wine bottle.

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Come Out In Jesus Name.jpg

Come Out In Jesus Name

Directors Greg Locke, Wayne Caparas, Eddie Lamberg, Tim Romero
United States
Runtime   01:30:00
Completion Date: February 28, 2023

Following a startling chain of events, the most controversial pastor in America, Greg Locke, took a 180-degree turn from his mainstream religious traditions and led his church into legitimate revival. He and a diverse group of unconventional preachers then began to spark the most important awakening in the history of the Christian Church — through the most unlikely means – by casting out demons. This film chronicles the beginning of their journey in dramatic fashion.

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Director Esther Takac
Runtime   01:16:00
Completion Date: March 4, 2022

THE NARROW BRIDGE is a searching journey into the souls of four people who, after searing pain, develop strengths they never had before. Bushra, Rami, Meytal and Bassam, women and men who lost a child or parent in violent conflict, are creating a sacred space for change as they transform their grief into a bridge for reconciliation.

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Director Murdo Macleod
United Kingdom
Runtime 01:18:30
Completion Date: October 31, 2022

In a land emerging from the Black Death, caught between a corrupt church and a brutal state, one ambitious priest comes to a new understanding which will change the world. Throughout history, John Wycliffe has been painted as both hero and villain; as saint and heretic. But who was the man behind the myth?

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Runtime 82'
Completion Date: 2023 - March

The portrait of grandma Lientje that hung prominently in the living room made Hella de Jonge realize early on that there was a great sadness behind it. No wonder that precisely that painting has become the starting point of a documentary about her remarkable creative resilience. During eighty minutes we get a picture of how time and time again she found the impetus to overcome disappointment and injury and to bend to create an impressively varied oeuvre. During the lockdowns, Hella retreated to her Atelier (studio) to pick up an old love: painting. What once went wrong at the Rietveld Academy has blossomed in two years into a style of its own with its own stories.

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Director Mikel Navarro Ayensa
Runtime 9:22
Completion Date: 12/01/2023

On October 31, 1994, a couple from the town of Muru-Astráin had a strange encounter on the road. They saw a UFO that appeared in front of their vehicle and with which they maintained contact. Almost 30 years later, Marisa, the main witness of what happened, dares to tell the camera what happened. What happened that night? What did they see? Why did Marisa's husband disappear? Mikel Navarro interviews the main witness and uncovers one of the strangest events that took place in the region of Navarre, in Spain.

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Science for Hire.jpg

Science for Hire

Director Gary Null, Ph.D.
United States
Runtime   02:02:00
Completion Date:

Science for Hire takes us on a journey through the most critical scientific issues that directly affect our health and well-being, shedding light on the hidden secrets of the scientific, pharmaceutical, and military industrial complexes. Following a long history of systemic corruption across medical organizations and schools, scientific publications and federal regulatory agencies, we enter a world where pseudo-science and misinformation rules.

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Israel 75.jpg

Israel 75

Director Rick Meghiddo
United States
Runtime   35:45
Completion Date:April 23, 2023

This short documentary illustrates Israel’s multi-layered complexity. It shows selected works of architecture and people.

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Mary Magdalene in Conversation with Lilian Broca.jpg

Mary Magdalene in Conversation with Lilian Broca

Director Adelina Suvagau
Runtime   01:30:00
Completion Date: June 7, 2022

The documentary ‘Mary Magdalene in Conversation with Lilian Broca’ is a visual and intellectual feast that forcibly confronts and challenges long ingrained historic and contemporary norms of female inequality. In these days of feminine discourse relating to the reassessment of women’s issues, more than anyone, the biblical figure of Mary Magdalene deserves to be revisited and re-evaluated. For close to 2,000 years her persona has been defiled, defamed and reviled. It is time to correct this unfortunate and unjust label.

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I Ching Master.jpg

I Ching Master

Director Ellen Ngai Lun Pun
Hong Kong
Runtime   01:30:00
Completion Date: February 4, 2023

Also known as the Book of Changes, the ancient Chinese divination book “I Ching” is perhaps the oldest of the Chinese classics, it has been recognized as the first among those important ancient classics, the philosophy of Yin-yang and changes has brought overwhelming influences to the world over thousands of years, fertilizing the developments of philosophy, religion, politics, economics, medicine, astronomy, arithmetic, literature, music, arts, military, martial arts and science…

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The Third and Fourth Generation.jpg

The Third and Fourth Generation

Director Lukas Zünd
Runtime  57:50
Completion Date: January 1, 2022

Silvia has lived most of her adult life in a community of deaconesses. For some time now she has been traveling to the site of a Nazi concentration camp of which her own grandfather was the commander. Using performance art, she explores the secret of how our ancestors shape us. Dealing with her family history and her childhood trauma leads to an unexpected and beautiful turning point in the life of the Christian woman.

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New Creation in Love.jpg

New Creation in Love

Director Huayu Yang
Runtime   01:03:00
Completion Date: January 15, 2023

Both Aslan and Krissy are young Mongolians in China. One grew up in the steppes of Inner Mongolia, and lacked the care of his parents since childhood, setting the foundation for an unsteady life without guidance. The other grew up in the city, not knowing what love was due to her negative experience with her parent’s separation at a young age, causing her to develop a chaotic lifestyle.

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Healthy Hero.jpg

Healthy Hero

Director Satchin Panda
United States
Runtime   56:32
Completion Date: September 29, 2022

This documentary portrays the tough life of firefighters and how their shiftwork job makes them prone to emotional stress, metabolic diseases, and cancer. It guides the viewers through the concept of circadian rhythms and intermittent fasting to make firefighters resilient to stress and disease.

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Logion 100 Episode 1 19.1.2023.jpg

Logion 100

Director Gerhard Muff
Runtime   51:39
Completion Date: January 19, 2023

Homeless alcohol, nicotine and drug addicts live under the S-Bahn bridge at Kottbusser Tor in Berlin. On the way to my fitness center, I saw them sleeping and using drugs there. As a filmmaker, I wanted to take a closer look at it and learn about the reasons why they lead such a life. One of my protagonists lives in the same house as me and has himself admitted to psychiatry. His apartment has been cleared and he is now being looked after by social workers after his treatment.

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Director Rodion Chepel
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:30:00
Completion Date: November 1, 2022

Victor Pelevin is not just a fashion writer but the Sphinx and Castaneda of Russian literature. Huge circulation, reprints, awards, translations into other languages ​ ​- there is no such a bar that has not yet conquered by Pelevin. But here is the paradox: his name resounds throughout the country, new novels are published every year but the author himself seems to have ceased to exist. In 20 years, there has not been a single evidence that Victor Pelevin is alive: neither posts on social networks, nor photos from random cameras, nor confirmations from passers-by. A journalist Rodion Chepel organizes a large-scale investigation, calling for help Victor’s childhood friends, eyewitnesses, biographers, editors, a unique archival chronicle and psychedelic animation to figure out how the most popular Russian author managed to erase his own personality.

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Land of great opportunities.jpg

Land of great opportunities

Director Andrei Ananin
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:39:55
Completion Date: November 1, 2022

The protagonist of "Land of Great Opportunities" is farmer Justas Walker. Once Justas together with a large American family, he moved from the United States to Russian Siberia and settled in the village of Takuchet, Krasnoyarsk Territory. Over time, Walker's parents returned to America, but Justus was determined to stay in Russia. To Takuchet to Walker's Russia was visited by his American girlfriend Rebecca, who later became his wife, with whom they are raising three daughters together. Russian audience an American from far away Siberia was remembered as the hero of an Internet meme - once he got into the camera lens federal TV channel and distinguished himself from other speakers of the news release by ironic outlook on life and explosive contagious laughter.

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The History of Russian Prisons '' Butyrka prison ''.png

The History of Russian Prisons '' Butyrka prison ''

Director Julia Bobkova
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:54:00
Completion Date: December 22, 2022

Prison in Russia is more than a prison. To some extent, this is a way of life, a way of thinking, a system of values, and partly the history of the country. «The History of Russian prisons» - this is a series of films about the famous Russian prisons that exist and work from ancient times to the present day.

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Last Station Calvary.jpg

Last Station Calvary

Director Holger Klussmann
Runtime 17:06
Completion Date:

The Last Hours in the Life of Jesus
250 years ago, Christ revealed to the Benedictine abbess Maria Cecilia Baij His reasons for sharing His most intimate heartfelt thoughts concerning the time He spent on earth.
Jesus Christ:
"The description of My Inner Life will be of great comfort and spiritual benefit to you.
I want you to strive to imitate Me in all that I have revealed to you so far.
Through you, a great number of people shall come to know and revere My heart."

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Director Tiago Afonso
Runtime 01:01:07
Completion Date: October 1, 2021

DYSTOPIA is a film about gentrification in Oporto. Over 13 years the film depicts that fast process of change in the city.
The expulsion of the poor and the outcasts opens the way to rampant real estate speculation, intensive gentrification, the death of traditional commerce.
DYSTOPIA is a portrait of some of those changes.

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Director Acácio de Almeida
Runtime 01:07:00
Completion Date: May 11, 2022

The evocation of light, which was the raw material with which the Man of Light worked all his life, in cinema, leads him to other reflections on the mysterious nature of light; in a pilgrimage that interweaves personal memories with metaphysical interrogations to the ends of the cosmos.

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13 Driver's Licenses.jpg

13 Driver's Licenses

Director Ryoya Terao
United States
Runtime  26:50
Completion Date: June 30, 2022

The discovery of 13 confiscated driver’s licenses from 1938 leads a small German town to face its horrendous and regrettable past. With no other clue but those licenses, a group of high–school students with their tenacious teacher research the fates of the town’s former Jewish citizens. A year later, an unexpected turn takes place. The modern-day Germans and some of the Jewish descendants from overseas gather in “their hometown,” and a fortuitous friendship begins.

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Our Horizons.jpg

Our Horizons

Director Charlotte Cayeux
Runtime  44:18
Completion Date: February 28, 2022

A woman's voice reads aloud letters written by her friend imprisoned in Fresnes, over images of the seaside. Absence, expectation, ande desire for freedom run through the dialogue that takes place between the images and the text…

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me time.jpg

me time

Director  Ayla Yildiz
Runtime  01:26:00
Completion Date: May 8, 2022

A film about being childfree and expectations of mothers
In this documentary, 6 protagonists talk about their personal experiences with abortion and sterilization, from having an unplanned pregnancy to being a happy mother and vice versa from the wanted child to regretting motherhood.


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Easter is Real.jpg

Easter is Real

Director Phyllis J Levy Weebe
United States
Runtime  56:25
Completion Date: November 27, 2022

Easter is Real is about real people’s lives being dramatically changed by the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead.


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Strangers in Sendai - Aliise and Watanabe.jpg

Strangers in Sendai - Aliise and Watanabe

Director Atsushi Kadowaki
Runtime   36:11
Completion Date:

The documentary "Strangers in Sendai" is a community art project by contemporary artist Atsushi Kadowaki, who lives in Sendai. It is a series in which multiple directors shoot the "strangers" who lives in Sendai. It started in 2021, and a total of 7 works were produced by 4 directors in March 2022.

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Nafkot - Yearning.jpg

Nafkot - Yearning

Director Malka Shabtay
Runtime   01:10:00
Completion Date: January 1, 2022

An israeli anthropologist traveling to meet a hidden jewish community in north Ethiopia, together they telling their special story of survival . Abera, a young artist joins to discover what has been hidden from him


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Paraiso de cristal.jpg

Paraiso de cristal

Director Natalie Halla
Runtime   01:28:00
Completion Date: September 1, 2022

Through flamenco, the Roma of Andalusia have found their place in society and wear the name of their ethnic group with pride. Five protagonists prove that it is possible to live together without conflict and that art plays an essential role in this.


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