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LA PIETRA (The Stone)

Director Nikita Hattangady
United States
Runtime 19:31
Completion Date: January 20, 2023

Rosabella, a yesteryear Italian opera singer, loses the spark in her life when when her dear friend, Giuseppe, introduces her to a wise woman who helps her bring back the magic.

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Director - Nikita Hattangady

Nikita Hattangady is a filmmaker based in Dallas, Texas.

She is known for her film Falafel (2020), an internationally award-winning romantic-comedy that was showcased in various film festivals across the world.

In addition, she is Head of Programming at Indica Pictures, a platform for filmmakers to showcase their craft through inspiring stories about the Indic culture. Nikita is a jury member of Paris Film Awards, and Japan Indies Film Festival.

She loves spending time with her family, traveling and watching movies.

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Director Statement

Some years ago I heard a story about my Guru who gave a woman a piece of jewelry to help pull her out of poverty. The woman was told to pawn the jewelry, invest in a business and return the jewelry after she became financially independent. The woman did as instructed and was finally financially secure. I was moved by that story. Wouldn't it be neat if everyone could have someone wise guide them and give them the tools they needed to end their miseries? This thought became the foundation for La Pietra.

After completing the script, I put it away and hoped to do something with it later. When I lived in Nice, France I traveled to Italy often. I loved the culture and decided to set the story of La Pietra in Italy, hence the Italian title.

In the Spring of 2022 I embarked on the journey to make La Pietra. Everything happened so fast that it actually made me dizzy! I sent out casting calls at the end of May and by mid-July we were filming.

My family took over the household duties and supported me in every aspect of the planning, and production of the film.

Through auditions, I found ultra-talented actors who each had some element of the personality of the characters that they portrayed. I am grateful to them for bringing these lovely characters to life. The cast is from different parts of Texas, Michigan and also Europe.

My crew is a highly creative and technically sound team of artists based in Dallas. Their dedication and commitment brought my vision to reality and took the film to another level of beauty.

Principle Photography was done in McKinney, Texas, a small town 40 miles north of Dallas.

La Pietra shares the secret to finding joy: by using the gifts that the universe has bestowed upon each of us to navigate through life.

From writing to post-production this film has changed me in many positive ways. I hope that it will inspire the viewers as much as it did me.

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