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Feelings Transform Reality

Director Mila Logos
Runtime 01:38
Completion Date: March 22, 2023

A short story about a girl who gets magic headphones into her hands.
As she switches the music, her mood changes, as well as the entire world...

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Director - Mila Logos

Mila Logos was born in 1992 in Turkmenia in a multicultural family. Her mother is Russian, and her father is Ukrainian. Thanks to this, Mila loves to travel and explore other cultures since childhood. Currently, she resides in Israel.

During her time in school, Mila received a comprehensive art education, as she adores art in all its diverse forms.

Later, she pursued a degree in psychology, as she finds the complexities of human emotions and intentions fascinating, and is passionate about unlocking human potential.

Finally, Mila tied all her knowledge together with information technologies, as in the modern world, it offers tremendous opportunities to express oneself and change the world in a wonderful way!

Mila received another degree in motion design and continuously improves her qualifications, frequently winning IT competitions with socially significant cases such as Digital Breakthrough and Star Trek.

Mila was inspired when she learned about the Near Nazareth Festival. This is her first film festival so far. With her participation, she intends to declare herself, her ideas and ideals, as well as find like-minded individuals among the participants!

Telegram: @LogosMila

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