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The Portrait.jpg

The Portrait

Director Jakob Hüfner
Runtime 30:23
Completion Date:February 25, 2023

The businesswoman Anna picks up her portrait from the painter Marianne. But when she sees the portrait, she is shocked. She doesn't want the picture, Marianne is disappointed. When Anna even wants to destroy the portrait, the painted woman flees from the portrait and leaves Anna and Marianne alone...

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Le bain.jpg

Le bain

Director Maxime Simon
Runtime 8:28
Completion Date:January 10, 2023

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Like a pale white butterfly.jpg

Like a pale white butterfly

Director Jangeun Oh
South Korea
Runtime 8:28
Completion Date:May-2023

A man who lives abandoned on the street. As usual, you see an unknown woman abandoned in front of a man who stays like a small stone on the street. The man who was looking at the woman begins to accompany her memory by looking at the woman. The man heading to his residence looks at the abandoned carrier with the woman and finds a picture of the woman. A woman appears next to the man looking at the picture. The journey continues, not knowing whether it is a woman's memory or a man's fantasy. At the boundary between fantasy and memory, men and women dance and embrace the crying man. After exiting the tunnel of memory, only the man and the carrier appear, but the afterimage of the woman remains in the man's mind.

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Clown Now Cry LaterA Foos Gone Wild.jpg

Clown Now Cry Later: A Foos Gone Wild

Director Estevan Oriol
United States
Runtime 16:30
Completion Date:May 5, 2023

Introducing "Clown Now Cry Later," a captivating docuseries directed by the renowned Estevan Oriol and proudly presented by Foos Gone Wild. Delve into the intriguing world of Foos Gone Wild as this extraordinary series provides intimate and revealing glimpses into the lives and personalities of the platform's diverse and fascinating individuals.

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Lullaby for the cat.jpg

Lullaby for the cat

Director Andrey Gil
Runtime 8:33
Completion Date:March 17, 2023

2022 year. Ukraine. The beginning of the war. People under artillery fire gather in the basement to survive these horrors. Will all of them make it to the next morning?

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The owner of a coffin.jpg

The owner of a coffin

Director 광수 육
South Korea
Runtime 34'   
Completion Date:Aug-2022

Incubators, basement rooms for families, single room where they dreamed of a better life, and single rooms where they live half buried today.
Song Ho, who has lived in a one-room room all his life, decides to die and goes to buy a 'coffin' that will be the last single room in his life.

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Directors Damien De Medeiros, Alexandra Leroux
Runtime 30'  
Completion Date:Mar-2023

While playing in the forest, three children stumble across a character that looks like Godard’s Pierrot le Fou. The latter listens to the news on the radio announcing a series of environmental disasters. Distressed, the children connect to a tree that sends them on a mission to reboot planetary consciousness.

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Special Doctor.jpg

Special Doctor

Director Sofia Vitver
Runtime 29:18
Completion Date:November 6, 2022

The retired soldier suffers from unbearable headaches. His last hope for a cure is the Special Doctor Clinic.
His housekeeper, also traumatized by the war, experiences Alexander's outbursts of rage and also hoping for a visit of a unique doctor.
Finally appearing, Dr. Martha really changes the characters beyond recognition. Her disappearing, makes them think about completely different issues ...

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A Long Way.jpg

A Long Way

Director Jinhu Wang
Runtime 15:00
Completion Date:May 1, 2023

An elderly man who is severely affected by the war trauma and has limited mobility insists on accompanying his wife, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, on their daily outings.


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Love after death.jpg

Love after death

Director Infected with Fire
United States
Runtime 25:00
Completion Date:April 16, 2023

Silent, interpretive play set to the new album, “Love after death” by Infected with Fire. Play filmed as one continuous live take.


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A Late Conversation.jpg

A Late Conversation

Director Vincent Hodde
Runtime 6:06
Completion Date:March 31, 2023

A TV interviewer is confronted with an unwanted guest. As the interview progresses, they both realize that their shared history is resurfacing in an unpleasant way.

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Road Home.jpg

Road Home

Director Stepan Sokolov
Russian Federation
Runtime  20:51
Completion Date:June 12, 2022

Anna needs to get home urgently. A disturbing call from her grandmother and she is on her way to the forgotten town of her childhood located in the middle of nowhere. On her way back home, there are strange dances and dancers. Some are professional and pleasant but some are not. Anna is compelled to observe them silently and whilst being distracted she loses her belongings and illusions… Facing even her death, she finally reaches her birthplace only to face her mother’s. On her mother’s funeral, Anna realizes that the dance of her own soul is just about to start.

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Family Values.jpg

Family Values

Director Gregory Sims
United States
Runtime 15:22
Completion Date: December 29, 2022

A desperate young woman confronts her wealthy, married lover late one-night, in a cheap motel room, determined to make him pay for his sins and betrayal. All is not what it seems, and she soon finds her self spiraling into a world of deception, madness and all consuming violence.

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Director RJ Zabasky
United States
Runtime 17:58
Completion Date: November 1, 2022

After serving a 15 year sentence, a man re-enters a society which has outgrown him in hopes of reconnecting with the family he lost.

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Before you go.jpg

Before you go

Directors Vicente Del Río Laya,  Hans Von Marées Peede  
Runtime 14:00
Completion Date: Oct-2022

Daniel and his best friend Franco go out camping in Patagonia, but when their backpack and tent fall down a cliff they’re forced to seek shelter. They trespass an unocuppied cabain and they celebrate their last days together before college separates them. Daniel is yet to come clean about his feelings for Franco and the next morning he wakes up alone, he looks for him and finds him In the middle of the countryside, with a sprained ankle and the backpack they’d given up on. While he does healings on his foot, Daniel confronts Franco about his future studying away from home, but he insists on his need to leave. To forget the matter, Franco proposes a mark to remember their trip and their friendship: an eyebrow slit.

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Director Emmanuel Noyon
Runtime 11:37
Completion Date:

This invisible energetic bind that still links those who love each other after a breakuo


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Medea: Rebirth

Director Sophya Katulska
Runtime 19:47
Completion Date: March 20, 2022

Psychological version of the Medea and Jason’s myth, based on Euripides tragedy.
It’s a story about too strong woman and too infirm man, who’s ready for everything to get a power and throne and get it with deception maneuver and betray himself and all others.
And a story about coming back to yourself — sometimes you need to sacrifice yourself. And a story about everything based on lie is winded up dead.


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Las seis menos cinco.jpg

Las seis menos cinco

Director Guillermo Linares Gómez del Castillo
Runtime 10:09
Completion Date: 28/02/2022

Silvia waits for her date, whom she doesn't know. Meanwhile, a man in a wheelchair approaches him to ask him the time.


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She Dreamt Alone.jpg

She Dreamt Alone

Director Nina McNeely
United States
Runtime 5:51
Completion Date: March 10, 2023

A short story expressed through the art of dance about a young outcast who,
From childhood’s hour had not been
As others were- had not seen
As others saw- could not love
From a common spring
Could not awaken
Her heart to joy with the same tone
And all that she dreamt…
She Dreamt alone

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Director Kristen Petrarca
United States
Runtime 36:06
Completion Date: May 4, 2022

I wish to show that no matter what life brings, joy cannot be stolen unless you let it. One must have the faith to believe that everything is gonna be okay.


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Two Stoners.png

Two Stoners

Director John Angell Grant
United States
Runtime  4:10
Completion Date: March 9, 2023

Two married potheads bicker over their marijuana use.


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The Bench.jpg

The Bench

Director  Ramesh Khatkar
United Kingdom
Runtime 18:03
Completion Date: December 5, 2022

A conversation during transition.

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The League of Assassins.jpg

The League of Assassins

Director Masaya Kato
Runtime 20:00
Completion Date: July 22, 2022

Muguruma is a drug dealer and his best friend, Gotou visits him.
Gotou gives a gun and money to Muguruma and orders him to kill Tachikawa who Gotou points out in a picture.
Meanwhile, a man and a woman also request the death of Tachikawa.
Muguruma was suspicious about the task and questions Gotou. Gotou discusses well-planned conspiracy and fate.
Muguruma holds the gun and faces Tachikawa.
In the cruel real world, who's going to be left smiling at the end?

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There's Always An Ophelia-.png

There's Always An Ophelia

Director Saul Braun
United States
Runtime 29:47
Completion Date: February 22, 2023

Hamlet dumps his girlfriend Ophelia. She decides to hurt him by getting it on with "Uncle Don" Claudius, Don of the nation's only Danish-American Crime Family, who happens to be Hamlet's step-father.

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Director Alan Hamwan
United Kingdom
Runtime 6:57
Completion Date: December 15, 2022

A disabled grocer goes to work as usual. On the way, he sees several men taking a girl to kill her. The grocer tries to save her life.

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Director Evelyne Tollman
Runtime 20:31
Completion Date: May 22, 2022

A Jewish American Princess moves to Vienna and is burning up due to CULTURE SHOCK, GLOBAL WARMING, Austrian History, and the death of the American Dream. Can she stop schwitzing and swearing at everyone to find the peace she longs for?

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The Leak.jpg

The Leak

Director Adam Nelki
United Kingdom
Runtime  6:55
Completion Date: February 6, 2023

Emma invites Ella round for a soup.

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Director Marina Bolshakova
Russian Federation
Runtime  11:07
Completion Date: January 1, 2022

A young man from a small town comes to the capital to see his girlfriend. A few years before, after noticing her architectural talent, he sold the house he lived in so that she could go to the capital to further her studies. Now she is busy with a new job and career and no longer needs him. Based on the story by Luigi Pirandello “Sicilian Lemons”.

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Director Dino Muccio
United States
Runtime  26:03
Completion Date: April 20, 2022

On a small south-eastern Island off the coast of NC lies a sleepy southern town where a three children discover a secret treasure that turns out to be anything but good. Something has happened to young Mercy - something evil. Now, the townspeople are scared - some sick, others dying. The CDC has put the town in quarantine and supplies are being dropped in by helicopter.

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LA PIETRA (The Stone).jpg

LA PIETRA (The Stone)

Director Nikita Hattangady
United States
Runtime 19:31
Completion Date: January 20, 2023

Rosabella, a yesteryear Italian opera singer, loses the spark in her life when when her dear friend, Giuseppe, introduces her to a wise woman who helps her bring back the magic.

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Woman's Work.jpg

Woman's Work

Directors Maja  Ejrnæs, Nicolai  Vesthammer
Runtime 11:00
Completion Date: Jan-2023

Woman's Work is a poetic portrait of the woman. Where she belongs?
Raw facts of natural history merge with Christian and Nordic mythology in elements of sand, air, and water. The female body is framed, captured, and transformed through a man made lens.
Cleansing calm water, repeating the Siren's primordial spell, alluring danger and rage.
A sensorial short film based on lived experience.

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Cho Kyung-woo hates Ouija board.jpg

Cho Kyung-woo hates Ouija board

Director 재경 이  
South Korea
Runtime 20:00
Completion Date: Jan-2023

Cho Kyung-Woo, a college student and aspiring novelist, hates the new work "An elephant touching the blind" by Park Ma-ha, which is assigned by their professor, with reluctance. There are several reasons why this novel doesn't sit well with Kyung-Woo, but the most decisive one is that the novel lacks footnotes in essential parts where they are needed. However, after many readings, Kyung-Woo discovers a footnote on page 88 that wasn't there before. It says, "Cho Kyung-Woo has no mom so he plays Ouija Board everytime he misses his mom" Kyung-woo tries to tell his professor the reasons why he dislike the novel but every time he does, the professor praises Kyoung-Woo for good observation, and eventually introduces Kyung-Woo to Park Ma-ha in person.

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Director Jordi Calvet
Runtime 14:00
Completion Date: Oct-2022

After two ISIS attacks eerily resemble passages from his latest book, a TV writer finds himself under thin ice when he realizes that the new TV show he’s been approached to develop by a mysterious Turkish production company might be used as a blueprint for the terrorist group’s new attack.

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hold still in passing places.jpg

hold still in passing places

Directors Georgia Begbie, Anna Zurkirchen
Runtime  9:40
Completion Date: January 14, 2023

For a fleeting moment, as we break through the surfaces of sleep, the threshold between dream state and wakefulness is blurred and we linger in the fluid membrane of time. Guided by the constant pulse of sprinkling water, vibrating voices, ticking time and silence, we navigate through lucid landscapes.
'hold still in passing places' is an intimate portrait of the body inhabited by wandering thoughts and softly bursting dreams. Questioning our corporal perception of time, the camera takes us on an associative exploration of the relation between time, nature and the human body, playfully peeling layers of wakefulness and repetition within our daily rhythms.

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Bella Mia.jpg

Bella Mia

Director Gertrud Pinkus
Runtime  27:15
Completion Date: January 1, 2023

BELLA - MIA deals with “domestic violence” in an unusual narrative form. The film is partly set in a surreal underwater world, because the essence of a relationship runs in secret beneath the surface. It tells the story of two lovers whose love cannot withstand the challenges of everyday life. Narrated with light humorous touch, yet entertaining, despite the tragic topic: domestic violence.

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The Father, The Son and The Rav Kalmenson.jpg

The Father, The Son and The Rav Kalmenson

Director Dayan D. Oualid
Runtime  15:00
Completion Date: January 1, 2023

Yoel, 30, is what was called in the 90s a “Lubavitch”, an Orthodox Jew. Every Saturday morning, he goes, accompanied by his 6-year-old son, to honor Shabbat in the synagogue in his neighborhood, a primary school set up for the occasion.
That day, the rabbi of the community of devotees, Rav Kalmenson, an impressive man with his charisma and his long beard, will challenge Yoel by announcing to him that his son “is lighting up”.

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Bare Metal.jpg

Bare Metal

Directors Brandon Robert Gries, Ryan Freng, John Shoemaker
United States
Runtime  10:00
Completion Date: September 16, 2022

Microsoft, Google, META, and AWS are some of the biggest single-power consumers in the world. Along with other digital infrastructure companies’ consumption, they make up 2.4% of the world's energy use. This film details the digital infrastructure industry's work to reduce their carbon footprint in an effort to lower carbon emissions and help save the world.

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The human life.jpg

The human life

Director  Caroline Milcent
Runtime  30:00
Completion Date: July 31, 2022

A group of angels flee Heaven to discover life on earth, nature, human feelings and mysteries of puberty and sexuality.

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Past and Future.jpg

Past and Future

Director  Douglas Alves Ferreira
Runtime  13:30
Completion Date: January 4, 2023

In the haunted corners of my memory, I walk across my Rebel feelings. Before the years destroys the pure truths, as much as it destroys everything that is sweet. I breathe the lack of what coul’d have been, the limit between reality and dream. And in time my vision less, and makes the past my home…

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The Nocturne.jpg

The Nocturne

Director  Fan Xun Lilac
Runtime  16:00
Completion Date: February 24, 2022

The film tells the story of two strangers who have never met learn to use music to heal each other in the darkest moments of their lives. Music subtly reveals the same dilemma and struggles of the characters in the film, and invisibly connects them.

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The Can.jpg

The Can

Directors Shadow C. LaValley, Danielle Purdy
United States
Runtime  22:02
Completion Date:

A broken-spirited Tim struggles to navigate love and loss, only to find the extraordinary beauty of life from an ordinary can.

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RUM 444.jpg

RUM 444

Directors peter svenzon, Joakim Envik Karlsson
Runtime  16:00
Completion Date: August 7, 2022

A dance piece for film. An international collaboration with the dance artists and playwrights Lars Noren and Falk Richter who have shared their texts...

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The Eye Begins in The Hand.jpg

The Eye Begins in The Hand

Director Yehuda Sharim
United States
Runtime  15:31
Completion Date: June 11, 2022

El Ojo Comienza En La Mano is a tribute to campesino histories in rural CA through the artwork of an artist largely absent from critical conversations on Chicanx art, Ruben A. Sanchez, as well as an unsentimental reckoning with the fate of many cultural workers that struggle between paying rent and/or creative endeavors.

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The Devil's Avocado.jpg

The Devil's Avocado

Director Kees-Jan Mulder
Runtime  19:30
Completion Date: November 30, 2022

When grandfather regrets the abuses in the family business on his deathbed, granddaughter seems to be the right person to change the company for good - were it not that uncle and aunt think slightly differently about this.

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