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Music Video / Video Art

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Director Guillermo GRILLO
Runtime   7:08
Completion Date:

ANGEL, is a short tango film, based on the beginning of the 19th century, it is the story of a duel to the death between a "Malevo", a typical man from Buenos Aires, and an intellectual. On the way to the duel, the intellectual, a man With no near-death experience and terrified because he knew he had no chance, he has an unexpected encounter that will bring out all his strength to face the duel.
The "encounter" that this intellectual man has will be left to the viewer's interpretation, as well as the reasons why both have to face each other.

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Us to Stop - Studio Version.jpg

Us to Stop - Studio Version

Directors Sagiv Avrimov, Yair Mazar
Runtime 4:10
Completion Date: February 28, 2023

Us to Stop video follows the relationships of life.

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Wonderfully Desolate.jpg

Wonderfully Desolate

Director Pierre De Muelenaere
Runtime 8:00
Completion Date: Apr-2023

Everything Falls Apart is a duo made up of Ross Tones (UK) aka Throwing Snow (Houndstooth) and Otto Lindholm (BE/Gizeh, Totalism). Using his talents as an electronic musician, Ross Tones adds a third dimension to every pulse of Otto Lindholm's double bass. This process leads them to produce powerful and cinematic music together.

To make this video, Pierre de Mûelenaere took the ferry that geographically connects the two musicians to create images that celebrate motionless movement, happy solitude and wonderful desolation.

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I felt a Funeral, in my Brain.jpg

I felt a Funeral, in my Brain

Director Far From Your Sun
Runtime 4:40
Completion Date: January 1, 2023

Set to a poem by Emily Dickinson, the music video is a phantasmagorical illustration of the myth of Babylon, featuring a dark array of emotions conveyed through the powerful chords of an acoustic guitar, a captivating vocal performance, and a mesmerizing visual journey with fantastic creatures across the desert.

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Ways To The Light.jpg

Ways To The Light

Director Alexander Perfilyev
Russian Federation
Runtime 4:32
Completion Date: July 1, 2022

The story is about four different characters, friends, getting away from the city to a utopia of a pseudo soviet Russian village/country house lost somewhere in the past. Friends are taking part in different traditional country life errands.
The plot combines all the positive traits of a Soviet Russia with its banned in soviet times roots Orthodox Christianity, folklore. etc.
Makes the audience reminisce of the past in general and hope and look forward to a better times.

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I am Graziella.jpg

I am Graziella

Director Giuseppe Anthony Di Martino
Runtime  12:10

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Director חגית קסטל נחשולי
Runtime  2:20
Completion Date: March 2, 2023

מילים- יהודית מליק-שירן
לחן- אלדד שרי
ביצוע- חופית מסיקה
עיצוב עטיפה- חופית מסיקה
עיבוד מוזיקלי וצילום תמונות-ראובן חיון

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The House.jpg

The House

Director Jeissy Trompiz
Dominican Republic
Runtime 7:57
Completion Date: January 20, 2023

Inside an abandoned house, a couple separates, one of them tries to flee, the other to continue living in the house.

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Little Planet 7406.jpg

Little Planet 7406

Director Goran Šporčić
Runtime  6:42
Completion Date: November 11, 2022

Between fire and ice.
The film talks about the psychological struggle of man that takes place in each of us. The battle that takes place between fire and ice. The film deals with the questions of who we are, what is our purpose. What is our consciousness and where does it go when it completes its mission in this world. Is love the only valuable thing that really exists in this material world?

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Four Old Legs.jpg

Four Old Legs

Director Barbara Willis Sweete
Runtime  58:10
Completion Date: December 1, 2022

Iconic Canadian ballerina Evelyn Hart and Zhenya Cerneacov explore long-term love, the passage of time, and the power of memory in exquisitely crafted movie by Barbara Willis Sweete.

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Too Late.jpg

Too Late

Director Ana-Maria Ivailova Petrova
Runtime  3:18
Completion Date: October 14, 2022

When a girl dwells upon her life, and gets lost in the process.


Music / Songs / Songwriting Contest

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Director Adam WADE BROWN
Runtime 6:44
Completion Date:May 23, 2023

FUTUREMAN is sleeping and seems to be having a delightful dream, which is interrupted by a demonic nightmare of an alien invasion upon earth. Wading through hellish realms he must defend earth with faith and supernatural abilities; and a laser gun.

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Tempus Hedax Homo Edacior.jpg

Tempus Hedax Homo Edacior

Submitter Far From Your Sun
Length:5 minutes 14 seconds
Completion Date:March 31, 2022

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When Our Eyes Meet.jpg

When Our Eyes Meet

Submitter Steven Bogdonas
United States
Length:2 minutes 35 seconds

Web / New Media

Extreme Cuisine - K.Krash.jpg

Extreme Cuisine - K.Krash

Director Alyona Shitikova
Runtime 30:00
Completion Date:

The TV host puts on a blindfold on the guest, and with his eyes closed, he must cook a dish. In order to prepare his "culinary masterpiece", the guest has 60 minutes. As a result, the guest will have to eat everything that he has cooked. And most importantly, he must find all the ingredients in special jars, in which could be animals, insects, paints, glue, nails, cacti and other unexpected surprises that can be found instead of ingredients.

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SOS - France Cannes.jpg

SOS - France Cannes

Director Andrey Chelyadinov
Runtime 48:00
Completion Date:

SOS is extreme travel and a unique way of shooting. The TV program tells about how the presenter of the project travels to different parts of the world alone, without a film crew, without money, without food, without a place to live. His goal is to get into a new country, visit its largest cities and survive. As a life buoy, he has only the opportunity to get some short and low-paying job.
The presenter’s goal is not only to survive, but also to take on camera all his adventures, from finding friends, housing and food, to making money, as well as his movements between cities. To do this, he has 2 GoPro cameras and 1 camera. This project will seem inhuman to someone, but it is only at first glance.

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20$ Turkey.jpg

20$ Turkey

Director Ornella Furman
Runtime 51:00
Completion Date: January 30, 2023

In the travel show "20-ka", the host of the project travels to a variety of countries completely alone, without a film crew, and without comfortable conditions. She only has $20 per day for all expenses.
She can spend this money on food, but then she will have nowhere to spend the night. She can book a hotel room, but then she will have nothing to eat.

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