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Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir.jpg

Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir

Director Venkata Krishna Roghanth
Runtime 01:35:27
Completion Date:May 1, 2023

Punithan has a mysterious charm. He is not a riddle, though he appears to be one.
Who is he? Where is he from? Where is he heading to? Why is he here? Answers will arrive only when he breaks his silence.

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Director Estefania Cortés
Runtime 91'
Completion Date:Mar-2022

Four strangers resort to Eden, a clandestine company located in the middle of nature, to end their lives. A guilt-ridden young woman who can’t forget her past; an old man who wants to spare his family further suffering; a charismatic woman with a personality disorder; and a desperate man hiding a dark secret. Eden brings them together right before their death, but is it that easy to escape from life?

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War Machine.jpg

War Machine

Director Katia Ospino
Runtime 133'
Completion Date:May-2023

Katia Ospina, a journalist and director, interviewed Juancho Dique, a líder of a guerrilla paramilitar group. He was not acting alone, politicians and land owners participated in this untold events. Over 20,000 civilians were killed and today they claim the right to recover rhe victims from the river.

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The Smell of Humans.jpg

The Smell of Humans

Director Mária Harangi
Runtime   01:00:00
Completion Date:September 12, 2022

In the autumn of 1944 the 60-year-old Ernő Szép, along with other Jewish men, was called up for forced labor. By then he had been evicted from the hotel on Margit Island, Budapest, that had been his home for 33 years, and was interned in a building marked by the yellow star on Pozsonyi Street. Eventually he was released after three weeks, thanks to a protective pass from the Swedish Embassy, after he had a first-hand experience of Nazi inhumanity.

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Director Haiping Xiao
Runtime  01:46:00
Completion Date: March 31, 2023

A heartwarming and simple Chinese rural life healing film, composed of one field, one place, one house, one person, countryside, and delicious food.

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Director François Manceaux
Runtime  01:56:00
Completion Date: March 6, 2023

Seven years after the death of his wife, Alain, a belgium director, longs to meet the actress of his unfinished film, with whom he shared a passion in Lisbon. Once in place, discovers that she had disappeared. A unknown woman offers him help for the investigation. It beggins for him a hipnotic journey in Cabo Verde, obsessed by those images from his past in opposition to the present in Lisbon, where it surfaces the duality between those two women.

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1989 - Maybe tomorrow everything will be different....jpg

1989 - Maybe tomorrow everything will be different...

Director Martin Kreusch
Runtime  01:45:00
Completion Date: March 30, 2023

Köckern on November 9, 1989. A rest stop in the middle of East Germany becomes the cornerstone of a major transition in history. It’s a place where people get together, hang out, fall in love, gossip, dawdle, get into arguments, fill up their cars, and try and change their lives. Some changes are small and very private; some are so monumental that no one can escape them.


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Then Sings my Soul.jpg

Then Sings my Soul

Director Jasmine Deanne Andrews
United States
Runtime 01:36:13
Completion Date:

Then Sings My Soul tells the story of seven women who overcome their struggles and unite their voices in VICTORY!


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Life Collectors.jpg

Life Collectors

Director Jaxsa
Runtime 120'
Completion Date: Oct-2022

Two insurance collectors still anchored in the traditional visits that were in the past, visit unusual clients who will make them reflect on life and their 30 years together.

Divided episodically in the style of "Alice in Wonderland" or "The Little Prince", the story unfolds around the friendship and confrontation of Gitti and Fredo. Time, memories and daydreams intertwine to allow the viewer to get to know this pair of curious characters.


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The Forgotten Era.jpg

The Forgotten Era

Director Cesar Miranda
Runtime 01:21:16
Completion Date: February 4, 2022

Several centuries ago, in an inhospitable, beautiful, and wild territory, The Heir, the exiled son of an extinct noble family, is betrayed and almost killed by stoning. The same people he helped also attacked him, leaving him in agony. But he survives and sets out on a journey of revenge against his enemies, who must flee their homes, towns, and lands to save their lives.

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Director Rudolf Havlík
Czech Republic
Runtime 01:40:00
Completion Date: December 1, 2022

Richard and Alice, a married couple, are going on an exotic vacation. Richard is a successful architect and is continuously working on something. Even on their vacation. During their dinner, Richard admits to Alice that he has found a younger mistress and wants a divorce. Alice is in shock. The holiday is suddenly in ruins, and Alice wants to fly away immediately. Therefore, Richard books a small plane. Unfortunately, their plane crashes, and they find themselves on a desert island, and they don't even talk to each other.

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The Doctor.jpg

The Doctor

Director Artyom Temnikov
Russian Federation
Runtime   02:00:00
Completion Date:

Different children stay in the same ward. One completely went into the world of virtual reality of computer games and decided that he had ceased to be a man and turned into a Creature. The second, through the fault of his stepfather, was carried away by the ideas of racism. The third, a boy from a prosperous family, did not want to live and tried to step from the balcony. And the fourth one is just silent and hates everyone. How to reach out to their hearts, find the root of the evil that has settled in their souls; how to explain what is good and what is bad if their parents failed to do that - explain that life is worth living and appreciating every moment of it? Such are the tasks faced by Dr. Christophorov, a man with a big heart that aches for others.

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Brooklyn Tailor.jpg

Brooklyn Tailor

Russian Federation
Runtime   01:15:00
Completion Date:

Early 70s America. A Russian emigrant, tailor Avdon Moskowitz, who survived the horror of the Holocaust, but lost his wife and two younger children, decides to trick the insurance company to help his elder son, whom he has sent to his uncle in New York before the war. One day an unknown man, dressed in black, appears on the threshold of the Moskowitz's workshop. Having introduced himself as an agent of an insurance company, he asks the tailor to answer a few questions. At some point, a simple interview turns into a real interrogation.

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The sheperd and the witch.png

The sheperd and the witch

Director Stefano Santachiara
Runtime  01:09:00
Completion Date: February 5, 2023

A comedy that deals with social and environmental issues. We talk about corruption, pollution and organized crime, but also about nature, friendship, love and choices of freedom, with irony and a pinch of magic...

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Intensive Care.jpg

Intensive Care

Director Pyotr Todorovskiy
Russian Federation
Runtime  01:43:00
Completion Date: July 1, 2022

The story of the leading sports news Egor Tikhonov. He becomes a volunteer, helping mothers of sick children in the oncology department, looking for lost people with LizaAlert. Finding a new life, Egor begins to lose the old one: he loses his job, almost divorces his wife. And more and more often he asks himself, what is all that he does for?

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Solar Wind Alley.jpg

Solar Wind Alley

Director Anastasia Lobkovski
Runtime  01:16:00
Completion Date:

Alice lives with her younger sisters in the rural finnish village, in the house their mother build before she past away. Alice has taken mother`s place as the head of the family. She wants to protect her
younger sisters and shelter them from the world. When the solar storm hits the village it leaves everyone without electricity and puts the community in crises.

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After the death of her father, young scientist Ana fights with an identity crisis, being the last member of once big family. The changes inside her suddenly reflect in reality – loneliness, crisis, emigrations – and her scientific research of mystical symbols and human traces left in stone mysteriously interlace with her life until she regains her confidence, moves on, and finally stops hiding her vitiligo marks, traces of her traumas

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Writer Edward King Gaylord
United States
Number of Pages:29

Two employees of TriCorp Four struggle to navigate the career minefields presented by the Corporate ArchMistress Madam Tiama and her new stolen A.I.


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Marah From Eilat.jpg

Marah From Eilat

Writer Leiter Daniellson
United States
Number of Pages:112

A well respected Detective must face the consequences after he reneges on a deal he made with a sultry but psychotic Demon.

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Outcast Junction.jpg

Outcast Junction

Writer J.P. Riehle
United States
Number of Pages:96

1976: A foreign politician is assassinated in DC. A young woman appears in a dirtbag border town and inflames the hopes of the local underclass. An investigator sifts through crumbs of evidence, pieces together a dark history. and follows it toward a violent showdown.

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Tropical Leaves and Marble Paper

This Old Dark House

Writer Don Grace
United States
Number of Pages:106

A group of diverse characters which include a psychiatrist, a witch, and a woman claiming to be The Queen of Outer Space seek shelter from a bizarre light and pine needle storm and television zombies in an old, decrepit house occupied by a haughty mad scientist, his deformed assistant, a brutish being in the basement, and a mysterious Auntie Diluvia.

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Sketching Pencils

Stop Playing With Your Eyeballs

Writer Don Grace
United States
Number of Pages:71

Disgraced former U.S. president Disasturd U. Grope, with his two daughters, has secretly entered the tiny island nation of Aminadab's Island, because somebody he trusts called his office and told him there was uranium there. Meanwhile, the island's resident scientist, kindly Doctor Alice Hoo, suffers a lab accident and becomes possessed by the spirit of the mad scientist Elvis Karlosi.

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The Ram.jpg

The Ram

Writers Adam Gluzman, Joel Gluzman
United States
Number of Pages:9

In the midst of a bank robbery, a biblical conversation between a robber and his hostage results in revelation, transformation, and unimaginable consequences.

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straight-A student.jpg

straight-A student

Writer jing xuan Wang
Number of Pages:5

A desperately practicing dancer, Xiaotong finally enters the ballet honors student class. The bizarre atmosphere of the class makes her gradually lose her way in the pursuit of perfection.

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Writer Peter Noel
United Kingdom
Number of Pages:134

1983. USA, Texas, Bastrop.
A genius boy lives in deep poverty with his aggressive stepfather, who often abuses him. The boy will be friends with two guy. The boys of different personalities help each other through hardships and become true friends, forming a lifelong alliance.

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