Sunset in Winter

Director Kelley Lockman
United States
Runtime 21:03
Completion Date: December 6, 2020

A couple’s love is tragically cut short when cancer takes the life of a man’s young bride, leaving  him in the depths of despair and grief to search for meaning and the will to live.


Today in a year

Runtime 9:00
Completion Date: Jul-2020

A man and woman, Sebastian and Jessica, meet in a hotel in Turkey. Glances, tender touches, intense moments, an encounter with consequences: They plan to meet exactly one year later in the same place. However - what is real, what is a dream, what is an illusion? life becomes existent without illusions. mark twain


Room 411

Directors Camila De Paula, Daniel López, Rocio Pascual
Runtime 14:00
Completion Date: Oct-2020

Roberto, after 2 years abroad, returns to his village and meets up again with an old friend. During the date, he receives a very important call from the hospital; his mother, who had not seen him for many years and with whom he had lost contact, has been admitted to the hospital due to an overdose.


la raya (The border)

Director Jose Pedraza Martinez
Runtime 30:00
Completion Date: Jun-2020

Two neighboring peoples live in the same territory, separated by the border line. Although they are identical and only differ in the color they use in their clothing and symbols, they observe with suspicion to each other and any border incident can lead to large-scale conflict.


How To End A Conversation

Director Gregory JM Kasunich
United States
Runtime 7:30
Completion Date: January 27, 2021

A heartbroken man, unable to stop calling his Ex, enlists a therapist to help him lift the weight of his past relationship off of his shoulders... literally.


Killing Me Softly With Her Love

Director Colin Ross Smith
United Kingdom
Runtime 16:30
Completion Date: January 30, 2020

A unique, poignant film about a terminally ill girl wanting to finally have control of her body and illness, after years of poor health. Angela plans assisting her daughter Jessica to take her own life on her 18th birthday. This film contains drama, comedy, complex human relationships and ultimately family sacrifice.


Uncle Zsiga

Director Edit Jakab
United States
Runtime 10:48
Completion Date: May 31, 2020

"Uncle Zsiga" is a contemplation on the possibility of forgiveness. Regretful of the past, an old Hungarian man, after fifteen years, musters up the courage to emigrate to America to confront his long-lost daughter. Is he able to forgive himself?


Blue Frontier

Director Ivan Milosavljević
Runtime 19:50
Completion Date: August 22, 2020

The man from the border has spent his entire life searching for the biggest fish that the blue Danube hides. Every sunrise sees the old fisherman attempt to lure the river giant in an ancient fishing way by clapping on the river surface with a hand-carved piece of wood. Two rivals - one on the surface of the water and the other concealed within the depths of the mighty river are waiting to finally meet.



Directors Eduardo Zuñiga, Edgar Zendejas, Esdras Hernandez, Ernesto Sebastian Arias
United States
Runtime 24:16
Completion Date: September 1, 2020

It is a collaboration composed of 4 audiovisual pieces that are articulated as postcards or impressions of the confinement.
Four glances from four different choreographers who, separated by time and geographical borders, direct the movements of a single performer. The dancer, from the intimacy of his confinement, makes a time-space tour of his apartment, reinterpreting places and objects to transform them into the forced scene of this pandemic.


Director  Thomas Goersch
Runtime 16:42
Completion Date: December 24, 2020

Actor Marc Berger is telling about his Life as unhappy person.
What went wrong ?



Director  Jeno Hodi
Runtime 24:00
Completion Date:January 5, 2020

“Legacy” is based on Ambrose Bierce’s renowned “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” novel – which takes place during the American Civil War – into a historical setting in Hungary. Visually the film shows the war-torn Budapest in 1944, in black and white, Film Noir style.

This adaptation gives new context to the original story. While in the original novel there is no emotional connection between the lead character and the reader, this movie has a captivating and charismatic female lead, who is trying to repair the sins of her father, a war criminal, by saving Jewish children from certain death.



Directors Pedulla Anthony, Darman Emmanuelle
New Caledonia
Runtime 10:25
Completion Date:July 31, 2020

A road-trip in a clinic. A birth, a death, a forgiveness. A way to understand caledonian people.

The Last Heathen

Director Simen "Tito" Møklegård Andersen
Runtime 6:23
Completion Date:November 27, 2020

The new and the old meet in a bloody battle on a plain in old Norway

Virtual Son

Director Gao Cong
Runtime 19:35
Completion Date:April 8, 2020

A couple who lost their only son for five years participated in a technology experiment restored their son using MR and AI technologies. Over time, they gradually accepted this virtual son.
One day, their real son was successfully rescued and returned. But the couple found what waiting for them was unexpected pain.



Director Eliza McKenna
United States
Runtime 12:46
Completion Date:April 26, 2020

Brownie, the most awkward tailor on earth, comes face to face with the Italian mob. In order to win the love of the hair-dresser next door, he must choose between telling the truth or staying silent in the face of murder.


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