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A Merry Nutcracker Christmas.jpg

A Merry Nutcracker Christmas

Writer Gina Simms
United States
Number of Pages:100

When deaf, teenager Ruth has the opportunity of a lifetime to follow her dreams of starring in the Nutcracker Ballet, her excitement and confidence is abruptly ripped away when someone’s jealousy clearly wants her gone. Ruth learns how to persevere through pressure and bullying, with her spectacular Holiday performance opening the door to a bright new future.




Writer Ludwig Leidig, Brett Williams, Yuri Joakimidis
Number of Pages:109

Beautiful Jewish socialite Barbara Goette hatches a scheme to assassinate Adolf Hitler after witnessing Nazi brutality over many years and the murderous Gestapo gives chase.


Leaves Shadow


Writer Tony Schweikle
United States
Number of Pages:106

In the wake of his wife’s execution at the hands of King Ahab and his wife, Jezebel, Obadiah, once Ahab’s loyal friend and servant, goes against the king and his wife. Jezebel is determined to rid their kingdom of all prophets of Yahweh. Obadiah, a minor prophet is preaching the same as Elijah and hiding the remaining “100” Hebrew prophets in caves on the mountains near the Dead Sea. In protecting the prophets, Obadiah not only risks his own life, but the lives of the prophets themselves as they are unable to find enough food or water to survive in the caves. Ahab, who one time worshiped Yahweh, the true god of Israel, was converted to the Baal gods by Jezebel. He then forced the Baal gods on his people. Now the kingdom is suffering a deadly drought.

The Calvary Incident.jpg

The Calvary Incident

Writer James Sladack
United States
Number of Pages:119

Admiral Atkins develops the Athena I supercomputer that identifies the time lacunas— delicate areas in space-time, where people may transport to the past. By 2025, a new cold war with China has begun. Fear that China will dominate time travel persuades the Senate Intelligence Committee to release funding for Admiral Atkins to lead a handpicked team of Navy SEALs back to Biblical Jerusalem. But Atkins is a religious fundamentalist with unorthodox views on interpreting the Bible. Unknown to his sponsors, Atkins’ private agenda is to rescue Jesus from the Cross. Atkins’ true purpose is only discovered three years after his departure.



Writer Desiree Stone
United States
Number of Pages:9

Dutch Resistance Fighter, Madame Geertruida Meijer wants to get as many Jewish Children out of Vienna, Austria and on to the Kindertransport before the children meet a dreadful fate of death at the camps by the leave of the man considered the architect of The Final Solution Adolf Eichmann. Convinced her feat will be impossible, Eichmann agrees to let her have 600 hundred children processed for the Kindertransport before the Sabbath is over. She has three days.


The Wardrobe.jpg

The Wardrobe

Writer Peter Noel
United Kingdom
Number of Pages:126

1939, Poland. During the Nazi invasion, a little Polish girl is spared death at the hands of the Nazis by hiding in a wardrobe, but her peculiar connection with a German deserter puts them both at risk as they flee capture and Auschwitz .


Cairene Dreams.jpg

Cairene Dreams

Writers Andrew Abdou, Max Gray, Michael Petzinger
United States
Number of Pages:120

Set in 1950’s Cairo, Kamal, an aspiring writer, in Cairo, works a mundane job in his uncle Naguib's pharmacy. Kamal is let go and as a parting gift, given an elixir that is purported to cure writer's block. Kamal goes on to find work with his best friend Bassem, in a struggling hotel.
While writing, Kamal decides to drink the potion, and in the night has vivid dreams. Upon awakening he finds his characters have come to life. Once calming down from his initial shock, he has them appear as guests in the hotel to steer clear of trouble. He then realizes with the potion he can manifest many characters from his imagination. Kamal begins to connect with one of his characters, Amarna due to their shared longing for identity.

Hannah's Dream.jpg

Hannah's Dream

Writers HANNAH RATNAM, Shelly Paino
Number of Pages:84

After her mom's death, Pakistani Christian, Hannah, shares a persecution story with her family. Received a prophetic dream about church deadliest attack and saving the lives.


Death of a Snowman.jpg

Death of a Snowman

Writer Daniel Guyton
United States
Number of Pages:16

A young girl attempts to comprehend her mother's death, with the help of her snowman friend.


Pen calligraphy hand lettering hustle


Writer Kevin Stuart Brodie
United States
Number of Pages:105

A combative college professor accused of Holocaust denial tries to clear his name and repair the strained relationship with his teenage daughter before the scandal irreparably widens the chasm between them.


Lunar Eclipse

To live beyond his means

Writer Fujio Torikai
Number of Pages:16



Writer Mark Axelrod
United States
Number of Pages:106

Inspired by true events dealing with the '36 Berlin Olympics. An American athlete competes in the Olympics, wins a gold medal and loses the woman he loves to the Holocaust.


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