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Can you come down and fetch me again?

Director Carl Christian Lein Størmer
Runtime 43:23
Completion Date:March 21, 2021

The audience will experience a dance performance that is close, both in the distance and in the theme. The two dancers, Inge Martin Helgesen and Sigurd Johan Heide have a nostalgic but distorted expression, and exploit their bodily knowledge to balance the game of play and seriousness. The joiker Emma Elliane will join us in games and with sami joik. Musician Benjamin Mork treats mechanical piano, and has processed the musical material to our state: A state of male physicality, seriousness and games. Violent games. All filmed in one take with one camera, and sound from the snow.




Director Okado do Canal and Rita de Cácia Oenning da Silva
Runtime 04:39
Completion Date:2019-06-22

He comes from the mud strengthened, ready to rule himself as king and queen. A journey to a different being, unique and yet belonging.




Runtime 10:00
Completion Date:2019 - May

This short film celebrates the beauty, charm and generosity of Mother Nature, seeing her not as a mere object to be used by us, according to the worldview of “civilized” man, but as a Someone with whom we should have a loving relationship as children. Through this perspective, we will be able to get a glimpse, through Her, of our Father.




Runtime 12:00
Completion Date:2020 - July

This story aspires to the future of humanity by looking at human civilization from the perspective of 3.8 billion years of the evolution of life on earth. From amoebas, amphibians, quadrupeds, apes, monkeys, to humans... the evolution of life is depicted through pantomime. The human race, which appeared at the end of evolution, shifted to a life of gathering and hunting. Starting with the "forbidden fruit", the wisdom of mankind evolved technology, which in turn evolved weapons one after another. Eventually, people started to take each other's weapons, kill each other, and finally, the atomic bomb was dropped. By looking at humanity from the perspective of the evolution of life, this film depicts the "animalistic savagery" that humanity has yet to overcome.

Lucid dreams(1).jpg

... Lucid dreams

Director Kostiantyn Mishchenko
United States
Runtime 13:34
Completion Date: April 1, 2021

Lucid dreaming is an altered state of consciousness in which a person is aware that he is dreaming, and can control its content to some extent. This is a kind of borderline state between REM sleep and wakefulness.


The legend of a celestial maiden-tears.j

The legend of a celestial maiden-tears

Director  Sachiyo Kaneko
Runtime 5:30
Completion Date:September 2, 2016

There is a Japanese legend of Tennyo, a celestial maiden.
One day, Tennyo came down on earth to bathe in the beautiful fountain.
While she was bathing, a strong wind blew her Hagoromo, a flying cape, away to the high branch of a tall tree.
She cannot fly nor go back to the sky without Hagoromo.
She felt at a loss.
And then a beautiful young man passed by............


Nostalgia's Window.jpg

Nostalgia's Window

Director Charlotte Griffin
United States
Runtime 15:32
Completion Date:February 20, 2021

Body partakes in the stippled play of light and dark. Through the window of nostalgia the dim clears, only to blur again.


Geneva Jacuzzi's Casket.jpg

Geneva Jacuzzi's Casket

Director Chris Friend
United States
Runtime 6:06
Completion Date:February 20, 2021

Kate Shaw is massively frustrated. She has several shipments of experimental Emote Cartridges past due for delivery to the World Wellness Watch, the current one-world government. Kate is going to miss the deadline. Execution is likely.
The Pleasure-U BioDrone, her only assistant, has contracted an undiagnosed mental-disease. Kate Shaw is forced to amputate its head and keep the body alive in the PleasureCenterCasket, normally reserved for paying, near deceased clients.
The BioDrone’s head, inside a reprogramming bag, continuously calls to Kate’s brain with strange visions.

Berlin Transport LoopWestKruez.png

Berlin Transport Loop: WestKruez

Director Jeffrey Moser
United States
Runtime 7:48
Completion Date: January 12, 2021

An experimental vision of the Berlin U-Bahn Ring Loop, in which the passing landscape is frozen and fixed as the image winds and loops across the video screen.




Director  Eyal Ben Simon
Runtime 6:54
Completion Date:October 14, 2020

Pneuma is a Video art artwork that takes its viewers along an enigmatic voyage through uncharted territory. Its four scenes correspond with four stages of perception and sensation that were recorded in the artist's consciousness while practicing techniques such as breathwork and rebreathing, and the analogy aims to evoke a similar emotions and experiences in the viewers as they are lead towards profound realms of the mind by means of artistic tools.


The Song of Songs.jpg

The Song of Songs

Runtime 33:00
Completion Date: 2020 - November

The Beloved yearns for her Beloved. Is he one of King Solomon's valiant or a shepherd went to graze his flock? Is she one of the king's concubines or a simple shepherdess? The Song of Songs is a three thousand-year-old biblical poem from one of the Books of the Old Testament. This love text which highlights the strong intimate and sentimental relationship between a man and a woman questions the relationship within the couple and his power games, but also the fact that today we accepts more easily in our Western societies that love is not an experience lived exclusively between a man and a woman. Something which is not yet accepted, in all parts of the world.




Runtime 9:00
Completion Date: 2020 - December

Video recordings from Zurich, four views arranged to scenes like: Sunbathers at a canal; celebrating a soccer World Cup victory; watching TV at Café Odeon; a busy commuter railway station; a traffic policewoman and a fountain; the high-rise ‚Prime Tower‘; scaffolders at a facade; crowds at Zurich Central Station; water birds on Lake Zurich; a candy shop on the famous Bahnhofstrasse ... Urban everyday life in a highly efficient, blithesome, rich, small cosmopolitan city. Every now and then, an Alien* appears - as a symbol for everything that is being suppressed. *The character Alien, from the movies of the same title, was created by the artist H.R. Giger, a native of Zurich.


Bless or Curse.jpg

Bless or Curse

Director  imanuela Stawski
United Kingdom
Runtime 4:03
Completion Date:November 30, 2020

“I held a gun which I did not need and did not want”. Bless & Curse seeks to question  whether the female body could be a symbol of enduring pain. Subjects of territory, separation and warfare are unravelled throughout the film as a form of exorcism.


Silent Films

The Hyperzoo.jpg

The Hyperzoo

Director Michele Giangrande
Runtime 14:21
Completion Date: September 30, 2020

Short film produced during the MACRO ASILO’s Atelier in which Michele Giangrande participated from July 30 to August 4, 2019. In this occasion the artist created a metamorphic, experiential and performative installation that involved the entire museum audience.
Human zoos, also called ethnological exhibitions, were public displayings of human beings during the 19th and 20th centuries , usually in a so-called natural or primitive state.
Ethnological exhibitions have been criticized as highly degrading and racist.

Small Town Summer.jpg

Small Town Summer

Director Tuo Wang
Runtime 6:56
Completion Date: November 18, 2020

Mr. Li's brother-in-law-to-be, Mr. Chang, is sent to the hospital because of a stage four cancer. The doctor couldn't operate until Li's sister arrives. The same day Li's niece has a huge fight with Li's sister over her marriying a nearly dead man. That night Li's brother-in-law-to-be commits suicide. Mr. Li is devastated, because Chang is actually his lover.


Ode to the Whale of Christ.jpg

Ode to the Whale of Christ

Director  David Matthew Johnson
United States
Runtime 29:56
Completion Date:October 25, 2020

She carries He, a forever sleeping man. A modern Silent film.


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