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The Mori

Director Daniel Bettoun
Runtime  17:00
Completion Date: June 30, 2020

A hardheaded Yemenite father struggles to find a balance between his duties as a father and the traditional demands of a religious teacher.

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Director - Daniel Bettoun

Education - Cinema and television by the open university 2015. Screened his student short film, “Jundi” (Drama, Hebrew & Arabic) at “the creative minds group” showcase which was presented in the short film corner at Cannes festival 2016 and from there was signed by ‘Gonnella productions’ for international distribution. Nowadays he is writing his First feature film & tv show. Owner of an independent film production company

Director Statement

"The Mori" - A cinematic desire to show the tremendous mental struggle that a person goes through during a process of change. My father, a man who sternly ran our life, as was delivered to him by his father before him, serves as one of many inspirations.
The artistic vision dictated the use of little text, color choice, historical and cultural choice, time and place. The harsh hand with directing and editing creates a unique flow which gives the film its own language as we go through the struggle of the characters.
An authentic artistic language that accompanies and compliments the complexity of the main character and, in the hope of creating empathy that is familiar to many of us from our own family unit and tradition.

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