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Video travel

Letter From Arizona.jpg

Letter From Arizona

Director Valerian Ponsero
Runtime 7:35
Completion Date:December 10, 2020

In a shady motel room, a lonely French photographer is writing letters, recounting his journey through the heat and dust of Arizona.




Director Herve Tirmarche
Runtime 6:45
Completion Date:December 2, 2019

Croatia may be a small country, but it has a remarkably vibrant film industry, with exceptional local talent and production companies that have an impressive record in domestic and international production.
Since 2012, Croatia offers a financial incentive for film and TV production. With the 25% rebate (additional 5% for filming in regions with below average development), skilled professional crews, and production costs among the lowest in Europe, there has been a steady increase in the number of international film productions being shot in Croatia.


Web / New Media

Stephie With A Why.jpg

Stephie With A Why

Director Mirra Kardonne
United States
Runtime  16:40
Completion Date: October 8, 2020

Stephie, a genie like character flits in and out of the lives of the people. She's here to help.


Noir Brothers.jpg

Noir Brothers

Director Daniele Gangemi
Runtime 9:31
Completion Date:October 30, 2020

In a frenetic, chaotic and disordered Catania, Renny and François, the second impeccable and the first decidedly off-putting, are the right men to solve the strangest and most desperate cases imaginable.


On A List.jpg

On A List

Directors Lee Foster, Tito Guillen, Nicole Simone
Runtime 45:00
Completion Date:

On A List​ is a short content series about doing the most vulnerable and difficult tasks as a means to fall in love.


The Coroner - Season 1.jpg

The Coroner - Season 1

Directors Fabio Soares, Mike Zonnenberg
Runtime 6:03
Completion Date:December 10, 2020

Webseries with a unique concept: The Coroner autopsies for you the most striking deaths of pop culture.
From Tony Montana to Marion Crane (Psycho), discover the secrets from cult death scenes from cinema!


About pets or toddlers

Closest to the Pin.jpg

Closest to the Pin

Director Andrew Broadhurst
United States
Runtime 5:00
Completion Date:December 17, 2020

A competitive couple ups the ante during a friendly round of golf.


Student and movie - debut

Nasha kitchen.jpg

"Nasha kitchen"

Director  Natella Korsunsky
Runtime  1:28:15
Completion Date: May 9, 2021

"Наша кухня" - пьеса о судьбе двух женщин, переживших войну. Только любовь и сострадание, умение принять чужую боль, как свою собственную, могут помочь пережить горе матери, жены, сестры. Пьеса о трёх войнах, действие происходит на старой общей кухне полуразвалившегося дома, который готовят под снос. Вся жизнь двух женщин, одна из которых русская, другая еврейка, проходит на этой кухне. И весь мир для них - старая общая кухня, которая является символом ушедшей эпохи.

Growing Peace in the Middle East.png

Growing Peace in the Middle East

Director Steven Hoffen
United States
Runtime  17:16
Completion Date: April 18, 2021

A 7th grader from New York is inspired by a visit to Sindyanna of Galilee in Israel - a unique non-profit organization led by a team of Arab and Jewish women working together to create social change from the ground up. He spends the year during the pandemic inspired to document the new hydroponics project at Sindyanna, which strives to enhance Arab-Jewish cooperation, while creating economic opportunities for Arab women.




Director Vladimir Vinogradov
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:34:03
Completion Date: May 20, 2021

A woman wants to end up her oppressive relationship. However, this idea leads her to begin a process of self-discovery.




Director Rinat Sharabi
Runtime 17:17
Completion Date:July 1, 2020

After years of disconnection, Keren arrives at the hospital where her father lays dying.




Director Mendy Tzivin
Runtime 17:17
Completion Date:September 1, 2020

Yochai, a melancholic bachelor in his 30s who has trouble taking responsibility, is asked to take care of his eight year old nephew.




Director Liel Gur
Runtime 22:08
Completion Date:May 24, 2020

Stav, newly married, is about to fly abroad with her husband for the mountain trek of his dreams. When she breaks her foot a week before they are due to leave, the couple must settle for a much less glamorous trip. But for Stav at least, it's a journey that will allow her to examine for the first time ever, her needs and desires within the relationship.




Director Shulamit Lifshitz
Runtime 6:10
Completion Date:April 1, 2018

Matchmaking, the Israeli way


It Flows and Everything Flows.jpg

It Flows and Everything Flows

Director Giuseppe Tumino
Runtime 4:00
Completion Date:June 24, 2020

The sense of disorientation, apnea and claustrophobia during the pandemic seen by the young students of a Music High School, forced to move like tightrope walkers between dramatic news and the hope of building a new story.
These are the main themes of "It Flows and Everything Flows", the video clip of the unreleased song by Giovanna Fussone, made during the lockdown by a group of 80 students, including actors and musicians, from the Napoleone Colajanni Music High School in Enna.


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