Atoms Orbit

Director Scott Hellon
United States
Runtime 01:44:00
Completion Date:May 5, 2020

A man hides from society as his inner mental turmoil suffocates his ability to function.


Items of Interest

Director Scott Hellon
United States
Runtime 01:13:00
Completion Date:October 31, 2019

Mysterious handoffs take place from the northeastern American coast to the southwest towns near the Mexican border, as hidden surveillance abounds.


Sweet Silence

Director Hoi Hyun Yang
Republic of Korea
Runtime 01:10:35
Completion Date:November 8, 2020

A men has wandered in a dream that doesn't have a exit. The man goes to a river to die, but there he meets a boy who tried to commit suicide. The man provide the boy with his room just one night, but the boy visits him again and again. He then tells the boy his novel which he is writing.



Director Ding Wenjian
Runtime 01:32:59
Completion Date:June 27, 2019

Wenxin is an Chinese architect who lives in Singapore. He returns to his hometown to bury his mother’s ashes. he accepts the invitation to act as a consultant for the renovation of the old district. It seems as if he has the ability to protect the nostalgic memories of the traditional district and the opportunity to enact his "dreams" and exact "revenge". Upon attempting to complete his dreams, he finds that he cannot achieve them, and his revenge results in a new series of harm. Yin and Yang, life and death are a part of the natural law and the unity of men and nature is the true connotation of Fengshui.



Director  Don Grace
United States
Runtime 01:00:00
Completion Date:May 6, 2020

The motley band of renegade Americans, Brits, Canadians, and Micmacs who inhabit Aminadab's Island off the coast of Nova Scotia have declared their independence from Canada and must now deal with an attempt by disgraced former U.S. president Disasturd U. Grope to take control of the island for his Russian benefactors, as former American Secretary of Defense Air Force Captain Patrick Pat and the green-faced Cockney hunchback Aminadab vie for the affections of the beauteous Kinky Cumming.


The Pharm

Director Ryan Tyler Altman
United States
Runtime 01:31:00
Completion Date:September 18, 2020

US Military veteran turned pot farmer, Sam Paxton, develops an experimental strain of marijuana, that combats cancer. The very disease that killed his mother. When word of this reaches the ears of Big Pharma, Sam finds himself at war once again. This time on his own turf. His pot farm.


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