Rabbit’s Paw

Director Nana Djordjadze
Russian Federation
Runtime 01:40:00
Completion Date:September 1, 2020

Perestroika. Early 1990s. Nika, French architect, and Alya, soviet intellenctual, meet. They belong to two different worlds and can’t be together. But this relationship will change her life.


Doctor, I want a baby

Director Julia Mironova
Russian Federation
Runtime 60:00
Completion Date:June 1, 2020

IVF Pregnancy becomes the most common way for women who decided to have a baby after 35. In fact it turns to be a usual thing in modern world. Aida is pregnant with her IVF twins, she has additional gynecological diagnosis and a fear of loosing her babies. The crew follows several last months of her pregnancy , observing the hesitation of main character, life of the hospital, doctors` struggle for each baby and mother life and some modern motherhood tendencies.


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